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  1. Thanks for your reply. Just as an update: had a few phone calls and texts but that's been it.
  2. They've tried to get in touch via phone - hung up on them, and now via text, which goes into more detail "contact has now been broke, vague threats, etc" so default next stage having confirmed who I am. This was accidental, kicking myself. Some pretty worrying threads on here over the last few months. I wouldn't be able to afford some of the court costs on here, let alone any alleged debt.
  3. Thanks very much for your advice, will keep you posted with any updates.
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the advice, great to have somewhere like this to get some feedback. So, they've followed up with another letter outlining exactly what they claim I owe, so that's two letters, a text message and an email. So is the overarching advice here just not to engage? Worth sending letters back, blocking emails, etc? Thanks again
  5. I know there are a few threads on similar subjects here, but wanted to set out my exact circumstances to see if anybody could advise on my next course of action. The usual story, lived in the UAE for four years, topped up a loan to pay for accommodation and expenses. That was all fine before I was made redundant in early 2017. With accounts frozen, felt I had no choice but to get my stuff together and return to the UK. Debt is around 100,000 AED. I've had all of the normal emails, them trying to call me at my place of work, etc, but now appears they have enlisted the help of a UK company, International Debt Recovery, who I see ran a credit check on me, where I presume they got my address. Have received a letter from them, where they namecheck HSBC Middle East and ask me to get in touch in the "next seven days". I have since received a text message from them, too. What are my options here? I'm in no position to pay back the £ currently, and I understand that they're not exactly accommodating when it comes to payment plans. I have taken on a mortgage since I returned to the UK with my wife, but that's only been in the last eight months and it is a first time buyer scheme, so very little/any equity has been built up. Just looking for some advice really, have read elsewhere that people have ended up bankrupt over this, so must admit I'm slightly concerned. Thanks in advance.
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