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  1. As expected, continual harassment from Intrum with phone messages left virtually every day. After their first letter "We may take legal action if you don't get in touch", their second letter says the following: We're thinking of taking you to court We don't want to. But, if you don't get in touch soon, we'll pass your account to our legal team. They'll consider applying for a County Court Judgment, which could make it harder for you to borrow money in the future. They may also add court fees of £105.00 and solicitors costs of £80.00 to your balance. It doesn't need to come to that 70% of customers in your position pay us without going to court. Get in touch within 10 days to repay the full amount, or set up regular payments you can afford. Get in touch in the next 10 days Get in touch to pay in full or set up regular payments you can afford. You can either: Log on to myaccount.intrum.co.uk to do it online Call us on 01737 235244 to talk through your options etc I intend to write to them to state that I set up a repayment plan with Tesco in December 2014 and have been making regular repayments ever since and that Intrum have taken account of the 2 payments I've made to them (since the stated balance has reduced by those payments). Therefore I have already set up regular payments. I will also request that they cease their phone calls and threatening letters. My question is, are Intrum actually able to apply for a County Court Judgment when regular payments under an existing arrangement continue to be made?
  2. I don't have all the statements. I have most of them from 2010 but only a few before that. I'll send a CCA request. Tesco stopped charging interest when the account terminated in 2008. I never had PPI or anything like that on the account.
  3. Hi All Tesco Credit Card taken out in 2004 and got into difficulties 2007/08 Been gradually repaying debt since then Last 4 years been paying £50/month Current balance circa £2,500 Went through I&E with Tesco in January and agreed £50/month for next 12 months Tesco letter and Intrum letter came together in one envelope from Intrum last week Per Noddle, Intrum have done a search Tesco letter says: "If you have an active repayment plan in place, and your circumstances haven't changed, you can continue to pay off your balance as you are now, but paying Intrum UK Finance Limited instead of us. You will need to take action and update you payment details to redirect your payments to Intrum UK Finance Limited." Intrum letter says: "We understand that you've already agreed a repayment plan with Tesco Personal Finance Plc. We want you to continue this agreement with us so we ask you contact us in the next 30 days to make arrangements to do this. If it's affordable we're happy to accept the same arrangement you had with Tesco Personal Finance Plc." What propose doing is pay £50/month to Intrum for next 4 years until debt is paid off. What I don't propose doing is communicate with Intrum. Question - can Intrum force me to go through I&E or any other form of communication with them? I'd appreciate any advice on how I should proceed.
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