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  1. I should provide an update as the supportive people on this site deserve it. Five days ago I found the consignment in a new box, sitting on the doorstep outside my front door. What has happened here, is that the parcel was delivered but that fact was never recorded in Hermes' tracking system. So the tracking site simply said that there is a delay which would be dealt with in 24 hours. It probably still says that now. Because the recipient was such a small company, it took them weeks to get to unpacking my parcel. Once they did however they carried out the work and shipped it back (via Her
  2. Hi silverfox1961 and thank you for the comments. I don't mind how many people chime in. Yes the value is proving to be a sticking point. I thought that I might have had the original hand written receipt but it is very possible that I discarded it thinking that I would never need it. It was bought second hand a long time ago. I have seen similar models on eBay. One is currently auctioned at £170 but its condition looks a bit ropey. I am awaiting a response from the intended recipients (a small family business) to: a) confirm that they have not received the item; and b) provide an es
  3. I am pasting this text from an email I received a few hours ago... (in italics) We’ve got an update on your parcel enquiry Dear We’re writing to you in response to your recent enquiry regarding the following order: -----------. We have conducted a full investigation with the courier to locate your parcel, unfortunately, in this instance, the search has proved unsuccessful. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and as a result, we have now progressed your enquiry to a claim. Regarding compensation Our records show that you only took out protec
  4. Thanks for the response. The picture was to show the format in which Parcel2Go are asking for evidence (a web form). They no doubt already have all of this seeing as they probably have better access to their own tracking facilities than I do. Their business address on their website is: Parcel2Go.com The Cube Coe Street Bolton BL3 6BU so I will send a letter there when I've put the details together. I'll put a draft here as suggested. Rephrasing my subsequent question, it was more related to how I should respond to their online request for documents. Knowing that it
  5. Hi all, It's not an echo. But having just looked around on the forum, this post will read like one. I am also in the frustrating position of having to provide Parcel2Go with documentation to corroborate their inability to deliver a parcel. The item was clearly labelled in more than one place. It needed to get from Devon to Berkshire. I valued it at £200 which an estimate for an amplifier chassis made in the 1980s. I was sending part of an amplifier back to the manufacturer for a service and upgrade. I've had it for nearly thirty years and it had a lot of sentimental value.
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