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  1. Sorry, yes loans pre-98. Thanks for the info to you & Andyorch. Will update if anything changes in case it helps or is of interest to others. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you for the answers dx100uk. About the PAP, yes I responded to it from info I read here (thanks!). Disputed the debt and asked them for all associated docs, interest charges etc. as recommended in a post here somewhere. Documents were sent to me from Dryden in last 10ish days, which included request for payment by a date this month "if the above [sent documents] clarifies matters" The sent 'original' agreements are not fully legible (poor microfiche?). And they now conveniently include sigs signed on behalf of SLC, which were *not* on identical poor copies sent by
  3. Could someone let me know exactly when a statute barred timer starts with student loan defer? Is 6yrs started when the defer finished or when it was asked for? Also I've noticed when searching for answers a recent "Doyle v PRA Group ruling" in Jan19 for statute barred debt. Does that affect old student loans? Anyone knowledgeable on this? Can't find a clear answer elsewhere atm For my situation statute bared would be latter part of this year unless that new ruling has any effect. In the meantime drydens have sent some requesated documents following a pap (even t
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