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  1. Actually, I purchased the insurance with only 1 theft declared and then called the broker to inform them of the exact circumstances, but the underwriter said that I should have declared 2 thefts even though it was never logged as a theft. This is my point, it can be confusing. Im willing to take my punishment I dont think its right that I should have to live with a black mark for the rest of my life. Drink driving, only on your record for 11 yrs? doesnt seem right to me.
  2. to cut a very long story short, I had 2 motorcycles stolen in london. the thefts were 12 months apart. 1 motorcycle was recovered by the police, when I came to renew my insurance, I applied through a comparison website, In my naievity I declared the one theft and ignored the second theft as there was no claim or payout due to it being recovered. I challenged the void, took legal advice and lodged a complaint with the ombudsman. I admit that I made a mistake / oversight, but to be punished for the rest of my life is disproportionate to the crime, hence the petition. But this issue affec
  3. Having been on the wrong side of Insurance Companies and having my insurance voided through a careless error in filling out an online comparison application, I decided to start a government petition to try to get insurance voids time limited. Insurance voids can happen for many reasons, careless errors, unintentional omissions, financial difficulty, negligence, black box insurance contraventions. It's fair to punish offenders but not for life, this needs to be time limited like penalty points on a license. If this issue has affected you or anyone in your family please sign and s
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