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  1. They're just marble effect induction pans I bought off Amazon before I bought the cooker. I had a single portable induction hob before the cooker and they all work fine with that. The cooker is a beko and the seller has good feedback. He told me he hardly sells any induction cookers though.
  2. I should be fully refunded because I reported it the next day even though it's now 2 months since I bought it?
  3. I don't know exactly when I first reported it. I reported it by phone didn't record (will be doing that in future) sometime before Christmas so within 2 weeks, I think it was within a couple of days but I can't prove this.
  4. Paid in cash on delivery... Returning it would be difficult it's a large cooker and I don't have a van and it was delivered by the company themselves from Manchester. The CRA looks big it will take me a while to read that. This is a used item too it wasn't brand new.
  5. Hi, I purchased an induction cooker from a seller on eBay and the eBay listing said it had a 12 month warranty (purchased 13th December) you can no longer see the listing page but they delivered it to me and gave me an invoice with 12 months guarantee written on it and £240 paid (£190 for the cooker, £50 delivery). I was shown it working but they only showed me the front hobs. the first time I used it I noticed that one of the rear rings only works if you push down on it until it gets started and the other rear ring will only work while you push down hard on it (which makes it
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