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  1. @BankFodder Thank you for your message, your comments are noted and appreciated. However what I will say is that if you haven't read the details of my case and the email above, you can't understand the complexities of the case. There are several important elements to my case and therefore it is almost impossible to summarize and highlight the key issues effectively without going into detail. The letter above is in chronological order, but not bulleted. I didn't just send it to the Prime Minister. It was also sent to the Home Office, Sajid Javid, the First Min
  2. No-one want to help or even comment?? Ummmm, very helpful. I don't see the point in this website if no-one even bothers to offer any advice or even the courtesy of a quick reply or objective opinion.
  3. Your thoughts and opinions on the above and any further tips or advice would be welcome ??
  4. Here is my email. Your thoughts are welcome. I have sent this to the Prime Minister, Sajid Javid, The Welsh First Minister, The Police commissioner and the headquarters of the Military Police. Dear Prime Minister Following on from the television programme 'The Kyle files' regarding rogue Landlords, aired on the 4th March 2019 on ITV. I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the quote from the Home Office (not verbatim) that; - “Landlords who exploit vulnerable people will not be tolerated and the Home Office is determined to crack- down on
  5. I have also almost finished my email to the Home Office and will post it in a short while
  6. Just an update - I've received my Appellant's notice (stamped) back. Along with the notice is an appeal number and a short letter to say that my application has been referred to a circuit judge; sounds positive? The question is what do I need to do next?
  7. I don't know where to find them?I am a non driver and maths is one of my weaknesses! I only have an estimate of his approx mileage, not the actual?
  8. Please could anyone provide any websites or info regarding the expense the Defendant put down for travel? It feels like £350pm is an unreasonable amount? I am unsure what vehicle he drives now, but how many mph can you expect of a average vehicle? Is there any websites where I can calculate it or there is a breakdown that I would be able to print out? The same with the Housekeeping expenses? If he is at the barracks Monday to Friday and there is no-one at the home, how could he possibly be spending £350 on housekeeping? This does not include Gas and electric so what does thi
  9. Did anyone see the programme aired on Itv in between the two episodes of Coronation St. this evening? It was called the Kyle Files' with Jeremy Kyle regards rogue Landlords?? Well I made a massive decision leading on from that prog and some notes I've made. The Home office stated that they intend to hold rogue landlords to account and those who expoloit will not be tolerated. Well I intend to ensure that they stand by that statement. I have decided to email The Home Office alongside my complaint to the chief constable requesting a review and action to be taken. I am also going to e
  10. With regards to practical help. The Defendant put on his expenditure form that he spends £350 per month on travelling. I find it extremely difficult to believe that unless someone is travelling (for example) 400+ miles per week that they would be spending this amount on travel?? I am a non-driver and unsure where to go for the info, but is there any website or somewhere I can go to find out the average miles per gallon that an average vehicle does? He indicated in a document he provided to the court that he stays at the Barracks (at work) Monday to Friday so that would be a nil tra
  11. Just an update and request for some general/practical information please? I went to the court to lodge the Appeal documents etc today (I only filed the Appellant's notice together with Grounds for appeal attached, a request for an extension and a request for a stay of execution) The skeleton argument, evidence and the bundle along with other documents will be filed when necessary. I may not be granted permission to appeal, but I have little to lose and at least I will have tried. While I was at the office I asked for an update on the Third party debt order request and my rejec
  12. Damn court still haven't acted on my request for the Third party debt order, how long does it take? This is appalling service. Payment was due on the 27th February so he is already in breach of the order. How many times is he going to be allowed to take the Mickey? It's a joke. Furious.
  13. That is great thank you. Yes it is extremely misleading. I have rejected the offer to pay me £30.00 per month and asked for a Third party debt order. If they are not successful, I will enforce via that method, time for him to face his consequences. Although when I instructed county court enforcement previously, when I had default judgment of £1,800 which was the amount of my original claim, they were useless. They took so long to act that it gave the Defendant time to request a set aside and even though he hadn't done anything at all at that stage and the warrant was still li
  14. The post above was cut n pasted from the gov UK website to demonstrate the rules regarding enforcement, but I will check with the court tomorrow. As for other action, I can and am also issuing a new and separate claim for harassment and breach of privacy, possibly illegal eviction. I just hope that I am allowed legal aid because they are not something I can manage alone. https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/enforce-a-judgment It states on the above website that the amount owed must be over £600 for both. I think I need to ring the court on Monday to
  15. Send bailiffs to collect payment You can ask the court to send bailiffs to collect the money. The bailiff will ask for payment within 7 days. If the debt is not paid, the bailiff will visit the debtor’s home or business to see if anything can be sold to pay the debt. You can apply to either a county court or the High Court if you’re owed between £600 and £5,000. You may need legal advice if you apply at the High Court. How you apply to the court depends on how you made your claim.
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