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  1. A quick up date, i am getting none stopped emails and letters every week threatening me with CCJs etc.... please reply within 7 days otherwise they will take action Any advice please as its doing me head in. I feel like writing back to them and telling to f.. off
  2. Hi well i am in the same situation as you i hope it goes well for you..
  3. Ok thanks for the info ill keep updating the progress.
  4. Ok so ill try and bounce back their emails when they come. I might just tell them to carry on with there collections as there isn't much they can get, then tell them i am going bankrupt so send me all the correct documents etc.. in English, who owns the debt and the balances so i can move forward.
  5. Ok thanks i wont respond to them any more, has there ever been any cases in the Uk where they have managed court action etc.. and won
  6. Hi no sorry i meant to say 250000 AED
  7. Hi All, I was living in Dubai for 8 years lost my job didn't get paid by them etc.. so i had to leave as i couldn't find another job. That was a year ago, since then i have received a couple of letters form IDR about my outstanding debts out there , 4 different banks totalling around 250 AED. I've replied to them by email explaining that i am unemployed on universal credit, no assets at all etc. I didn't tell them i am just starting a small buisness online. There reply was we will give you 30 days before they start with their collections. Any advice from anybody please who knows about what they can do like CCJs or min payments. would it be best just to go bankrupt and tell them that. Thanks very much.
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