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  1. Final update! I have just got off the phone with the local court to check whether the court fees have been paid (they had until 2pm on the 8th July) and they haven't. Lowell have sent them a letter advising that they have discontinued the claim! I've not received confirmation of this from Lowell yet but thought I would update here! Thank you all so much for your prompt responses, excellent advice and pointers to relevant examples! It really has been a massive help.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I'll have a look through some court claim threads for what to include.
  3. Is there any guidance on what I should include in my witness statement or how to lay it out? In terms of exhibits I have an email chain showing I was moving into a different address but I can't get a copy of the actual contract due it being over 7 years ago and the record no longer being available. In Lowells letter suggesting a Tomlin order they have put "Due to the pending action, we should be grateful if you could contact our offices within 14 days from the date of the letter to confirm your intentions." Is there any point in contacting them? Would it look bad if I didn't
  4. Quick update: - I have a court date of 5th August 2019. - They have until 8th July 2019 to pay the fee or file for help with the fees. - I have to submit documents that I will use as defence at the latest 14 days before the trial date (I make this 21/07/19) - Lowell have responded to my statute barred defence saying that a payment was made on 16/07/13. They've said they're satisfied there is a valid claimed and requested either payment in full or a Tomlin order. I can put a copy of the letter up if you need it - seems like a very standard response though. So what do
  5. Quick update, my case has been transferred to my local court. This happened on 25/04/19. How long does it usually take for them to get back to you regarding dates etc?
  6. So I've got a small claims directions questionnaire, I checked the link as advised but was wondering whether I should agree to mediation? Would it not go against me if it went to court and I had rejected this? Would it not also give me a chance to explain or should I just leave that if they take it to court? In terms of filling the form in is the following correct? - Section C -Yes to small claims track - Section D - my local county court (I'll name which one) What reason do I put as to why? - Section D2 - Evidence of an expert No - Section D3 - Witnesses 1 (myself)
  7. Correct this is for a landline. I'd missed that myself. It doesn't surprise me they've missed something like that though. In all the letters they sent me in the SAR pack there are letters offering me discounts to pay off the debt, in one they offered me a 100% discount with £0 to pay.
  8. Thanks for the link. I'll wait for the courts then. Apologies you're having to go over this twice! I checked the mcol website and it doesn't say they have received anything yet. Lowell are probably trying to get documents regarding the debt because what they have is insufficient, I'm just guessing though.
  9. So I've had a copy of Lowell's "Directions Questionnaire Small Claims Track". They've proposed mediation, I got a copy of this on Monday but haven't had anything from the courts yet. How long do they usually take to get back to you? Is there any info off the questionnaire you need to advise? There wasn't that much on it to be fair. Note: In my last post I put that the cost was 12 months charges, it was actually 15 (I was slightly out with my maths).
  10. I've had documents from the BT SAR come through. Looking at the details it doesn't say who made the payments only that payments were made. The account was £2.35 in credit when it was closed, however BT have charged 12 months usage following the cancellation. I thought there was a limit on how much they could charge if an account was cancelled based on them no longer having to provide the service. Is that correct?
  11. So I got back to a signed for letter last night dated 04/03/19 so they pushed it right until the last date. The pack doesn't show any of the information they'd need to prove the debt isn't statute barred, and they advised for full account info I need to contact BT. I have done an SAR with them but they have next to no information to provide from what they said over the phone. The pack of letters contains a basic snapshot of the account details, a log of all calls they've attempted and all the letters they're claiming to have sent. The letters are interesting because the dates suggest th
  12. Thanks. It's day 33 by my count as I started the SAR process in the phone conversation I had with them on the 1st of Feb. I followed up with a letter on the 5th referencing the conversation on the 1st but haven't heard anything. Is there any punishments for not complying with SAR requests?
  13. Cheers. I'll see what I get in the next 28 days then.
  14. Quick update. I submitted my defence on Friday as advised above. How long do they usually take to get back to you regarding next steps and is this usually a letter from the courts? I've still not had anything back from Lowell regarding my SAR which was started on 1st Feb. Anything I can do regarding this?
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