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  1. Thank you. This is most helpful. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Thank you for your reply. I am sorry I can’t remember when the cracks first appeared. I believe that due to the location of the damage and short time I’ve worn them (in the winter for short trips to the shops etc), the damage should not have occurred at all. Here are the pics showing the damaged and I am convinced it is due the the material not being flexible enough to bend with the natural movements of the foot. edit: sorry image too large to upload. I don’t know how to resize it. Will try later God willing.
  3. Hi all, Am I to assume that my complaint isn't valid due to reasons given? Would appreciate any feed back. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your replies everyone. I'm guessing that I bought them over two years ago. I'm sorry, my health condition affects my memory. I can never give precise answers, especially when it comes to dates and timelines. Two years may seem like a long time, but since they are snow boots, it's only for a short time in the year that I actually wear them. For the mileage I've covered, they should have lasted longer. I'm a slow walker as I have fibromyalgiya. So again, it's not like I've been very active/hiking in them. Is it ok to post picture here to explain exactly what the damage is and why I feel it shouldn't be classed as wear and tear but a fault with the material used? Thank you. Edit: They were £60. They have been redesigned and priced at £80 now. Oh and another thing. When I first bought them I left a review on the website. It would have been a good way to determine the date of purchase. However there's no reviews on the website anymore. I am wondering if others experienced the same problem.
  5. Hi, I'd be grateful if anybody could give advise me on my rights for the following issue. I bought a pair of waterproof boots from a well-know firm that sells outdoor & rock climbing gear. The boots have developed cracks on the panel that runs around the shoe and is attached to the sole. The sole itself is fine. The boots however are no longer fit for purpose. I showed them to the shop assistant who told me that it's general wear and tear and there's nothing they can do about it. I asked if they could repair them and was told I could (buy) and try a tent repair tape, but that they weren't sure if it would work. I am in doubt as to whether that is really the case and was wondering if anyone knows what my rights are in this situation. Thank you. Any advice will be much appreciated. Sweet Justice
  6. Hi, Glad to have found this place. Looking forward to receiving some good advice for my consumer woes. Thank you. Sweet Justice
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