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  1. Good morning folks, Some great news received today, after a restless night and waking in the middle of the night, I spoke to a lovely lady who listened to me and put me back on the register, I have now officially booked my course for 7th February, great to know that they are understanding and give people a second chance! If anyone has experienced a similar issue, my advice is to give them a call and explain it to them they are helpful and will do the best for you
  2. I will definitely keep that in mind! It wouldn't make sense for me to dodge a course only to given £100 fine and 3 points! I hope they do have some sympathy and understand this was a genuine mistake from my side
  3. Thank you for your reponse! I genuinely had a misunderstanding, I know the wedding expenses is no excuse but I had no intention of avoiding it but due to my misunderstanding of the letter I genuinely thought I'd save up a bit of extra money and book it end of the month, had I realised it was 21 days I would have borrowed some money!
  4. So there is chance that I can have it extended, no way am I trying to neglect this I completely misunderstood the time frame for booking and decided to wait till the end of the month to gather more funds so it keeps me going as my bank account at the moment has taken a hit due to wedding planning. It's been a week from today, that I was meant to book it so I'm hoping London Met Police are able to understand my situation.
  5. Good evening all, I am in a sticky situation, I received an invitation letter to go to the National Speed Awareness Scheme to write off my speeding offence, I was doing 58mph on a 50mph zone. My current situation: I've been financially struggling due to getting married in July abroad and money is something I've been struggling with but I'm getting by and putting things into place. I received the letter for the course on 7th January 2019 with every intention of attending the course, but I completely misread the situation, when I went online to drivetech to have a look a
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