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  1. Thanks dx, that's the sort of thing I need, so let's get the arrears sorted, then an SAR and use the spreadsheet calculator and see what they offer. You were losing it a bit with the two of them, weren't you, dx.
  2. Any precedents - I've been looking but can't find any direct ones. Some where BF's loan has been written off when taking advantage of vunerable clients. This was at a high court level.
  3. What if the bear is having a snooze under a tree after feasting on all the repaid arrears - can he be poked then?
  4. Thanks guys, can a monthly arrears charge of £50 (when you break an agreement) which with interest will grow exponentially be regarded as fair? To me, it's a penalty that is inflicted on the most vunerable, but one could argue that we have been made aware of the charge. How would a court look upon it?
  5. All good! Haven't been well over the last few days, so had to send mrmaggie off to represent me and according to him not a nice hearing, as one would expect on warrant no 7 (according to Blemain), no, 6 according to me, but I did think we were on no. 8. He got the duty legal bod to help him as ell-en suggested and fortunately Blemain's rep was the legal equivalent of Ryanair, asking the judge for lots and getting absolutely nothing. They really do pay peanuts and get monkeys. The judge agreed the application on two main grounds: 1. During the last two years we have reduced the arrears by £2,400. 2. The equity in the house is 10x greater than the secured charges (2 mortgages) against it. I have been trying to find if there is any point in chasing the "unfair" charges Blemain make and cannot find any successful cases - anyone know of any? Thanks for all your help.
  6. Thanks, what time would you suggest for a 10am hearing? If things go badly, can we request the eviction be deferred, adjournment? - sorry if this is a silly question, mainly worried about our dog.
  7. Yes, you always use the N244 to stop an eviction. Just be realistic about you can really afford to otherwise you'll end up like me. But don't get stressrd, I put my chances at 85%, you are definitely 100%, no way any judge will decline your application.
  8. Don't worry you'll be fine. I'm on eviction no. 8 and off to Court first thing Monday for the fifth time (three evictions were dropped). Dreading it, but fingers crossed. The Court sends out an eviction notice by post around 3 weeks prior and pops one through the letterbox 14 days before the eviction date. I think they are giving you a load of old bull, just pressurising you. As dx says try not to answer their calls and if they do catch you just say "can you wait a moment while I set up the record app on my phone." I find this normally changes their attitude.
  9. I’m sorry if this thread is getting a little tedious and appears self-inflicted, but we did have everything under control until my husband became ill in November and I would appreciate a little help. As Ell-en says the judge is only interested in two factors – how I got behind with payments and how I intend to resolve it. My memory isn’t great - will I only be able to answer direct questions from the judge? I want to have the opportunity to say sometime along the lines of: “In December 2017, Blemain took out an eviction notice against us, which was only stopped when we were able to replay a recorded conversation where a member of the collections team agreed to stop any action if the Court payments were brought up to date in December. Yet they have failed to repay the costs they applied for this despite it being their error. Blemain were recently fined over £1.2million by the FSA and ordered to repay £2m to clients who were treated unfairly when in arrears. Their CEO was forced to step down and their Head of Compliance banned from having any significant influence within the company. Amongst sub-prime lenders their reputation is synonymous with cases of malpractice and there is little incentive for Blemain to obtain anywhere near the market value of our home if the eviction goes ahead. The balance they are claiming is outstanding represents around 10% of the house’s true value and I am sure many costs will be added to increase the debt. Furthermore, I believe their balance has been considerably inflated by unfair fees and interest charges on those fees. Their standard monthly arrears fee of £50, if added in January 2011, with interest would currently stand at £130.66, rising to £251.80 by the end of the loan and to £459.28 by the time the loan is fully repaid. I believe these are adding around £3,500 on the current balance and considerably increasing the time it will take to repay the loan. If our application is successful, once the arrears are cleared I would take out a subject access request to review any fees we feel unwarranted and challenge these.” Or is that just too much detail for a 15/20 minute hearing and not really relevant? Sometimes you are just too close to a problem to see it clearly.
  10. Thanks, I do waffle a bit, don't I. If the DJ does decline the application, is there anyway I can get an extension to the eviction date?
  11. Could anyone on the site team let me know if I need to make any changes to the WS? Thanks
  12. I don't think so Andy as it doesn't include any repayment. I am looking for what x is called where loan amount + interest / number of months = x.
  13. What is the acronym for the monthly amount due on a loan? I always forget it. Is it FMP for fixed monthly payment?
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