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  1. Well after phoning them yesterday explaining I'm a single mum with medical problems and offering half now and half next month. One of my neighbours saw them at 7 this morning and sent them in the wrong direction! Bailiff has my number but didn't phone
  2. The arrears are from when we were in the southwest. I needed to move the boat across country for a new job . Couldn't afford to pay off the money for the move and the arrears, then got ill start of last year and things spiralled since then. I pay for mooring rent £250 a month myself, don't claim housing benefits. But get tax credits.
  3. They can really make us homeless? Boat would maybe be worth £500 to someone that only needs it to live on. I payed 1500 for it. There's no way I have enough to pay it all off by the 6th Feb.
  4. No one has been. it was a letter in my post box at the top of the lane. I'm under the impression that they can't take the boat as its our only abode. But it's worrying my silly that this is what they are going to try, if they don't accept a payment plan. Would the increase from £846 to £1116 be court costs?
  5. I Received a high court writ of control Today. The amount payable is nearly £400 more that the Judgement amount. Judgement Amount = £846.38 Debt owed = £1116.13 Interest =£30.76 Compliance fee =£90 Total sum outstanding =£1236.89 Are these fees correct? I do owe this debt, and was going to deal with it but then stupidly forgot about it. I have been battling high blood pressure problems due to stress resulting in hospital visits. I just need to know how to deal with this so it doesn't stress me out more than I am. I'm a single mum, we live on our boat and have nothing of real value. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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