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  1. sincerely thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks for reading my post. everything goes well before 22/01/2019. on 22/01/2019, school accommodation installment was paid by a schedule in my student additions account. it's a regular payment and normal. However, on 23/01/2019, there was transaction statement called "to reconcile" with reference "fraud prevent Gia Adv", which deducted all my money in both my student additions and everyday saver account. I am not sure whether the 2 things have relations. I don't know why Barclay did it. until now(02/02/2019), I have been to the nearest branch many times but can't get further information. All the staff told me is to wait until someone contacts me by phone or email.
  3. A description of the issue : I am an oversea student in Manchester. original student additions:1790 pounds. original every saver:18680 pounds. accommodation installment is 1793 pounds. After paying my accommodation installment on 22/01/2019, all my money in my both account has been deducted on 23/01/2019. It shows "to reconcile" with reference: "fraud prevent GIA ADV". I reported it to the nearest Barclay branch on 23/01/2019. a staff told me that someone will contact me but until now(02/02/2019) no one has contacted me. I am very sad and afraid because on 08/02/2019 I will pay my tuition installment but now I really have no money at all and I don't know what I should do next.
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