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  1. by credit Card, should I go back to the credit card company? Earlier this morning I sent an email to the company saying I would take action if they don't come back to me by 2pm today UK time.
  2. HI All, I need some advise. I have purchased a new iPhone from Wow Camera https://www.wowcamera.com/ on 17th January, the phone was received on 23rd January. Managed to syncronised with my iTunes and then phone started switching off every minute or so. Called Apple who said to either have a new software installed in an Apple shop by they would recommend to have the phone changed. Sent the phone back to Wow Camera without wiping the phone clean as couldn't as phone was switching off, my info were anyway protected by the pin code. Apple said this was ok as reseller can overwrite the phone bypassing the pin code. Wow camera has initially asked me access PIN of the phone which would give them access to all my emails message and so on. is now taking very long time to provide a new phone and or refunding the money as they say the phone as it is is just a piece of plastic. They refusing to call apple to have information on how to wipe the phone. I am stuck with no phone, missing £720 and a lot of frustration. Please can you advise on my next step?
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