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  1. Ok, as you can tell, I am not entirely on board with the correct terminology and procedure... hence me asking for assistance on here. I certainly have my wires crossed... The counter schedule I have posted on here from the defendant, I need to offer the photos and documents as per her request - and that's it? There is nothing more at this point I need to offer? Do I just submit my N180 and ignore the Defendant's counter schedule until I get further direction from the court?
  2. Will do, no problem. I have until the 18th Feb. I did however pull in a favour from a friend today who just happens to know a criminal defence barrister. Although, as she admitted, civil is not her field, she advised what my next steps I should be taking. The counter schedule is similar/same to a counter claim, although on this occasion the other party has nothing to claim (financial wise), for as they are entirely defending a money claim and have incurred no costs as such. They are basically asking for the evidence to be submitted to them pre court/mediation, my adviser saying
  3. I didn't mean anything by that, I was just thinking it over whilst typing. I did do Money Claim Online, but it was with the newer website. Any further advice from anyone is very much gratefully received.
  4. Hmmm... ok, thanks for the advice. I will submit the N180 then and go from there I guess...
  5. So in their defence when it states in the counter schedule: '''The defendant has not had sight of supporting documentation and the claimant is now required to provide documentation, including photographs of the damage to his vehicle, within 14 days of service of the defence'' - This can safely be ignored??
  6. I have prepared a defence reply with all supporting documents including witness statements. Will it harm anything if I were to submit these with the N180?
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. I did issue through the moneyclaims.service / government gateway site. Unfortunately, I don't think I can go any further on there as it won't let me get past 'issue CCJ as the other party has not responded' even though they have filed their defence as posted above. Can anyone please assist with a defence reply..? I have posted above both my claim and the defence retracted... any help would be most appreciated. I have put a draft defence reply together, I just have no idea if it is correct or not... Thanks.
  8. Is that good or bad, or is it just a change of procedure?
  9. How did this end...? What was the judgement?
  10. Ok, attached is both the redacted defence and claim. Thanks for your time guys looking at this, and all your help. defence_Redacted.pdf Claim Form Court Paper_Redacted.pdf
  11. Thanks for your input Bankfodder, I will post both my claim and the defence later this evening. Any help would be gratefully received. I have posted the defence at the top of this thread, but not in PDF... it's a JPG.
  12. My insurer asked me to weigh up if it is worth claiming on my own insurance for them to go and then try and get liability admitted from the other insurer, and then claim the amount of repair back from them. They stated that as the amount is only small, there is always a risk if I couldn't prove it, I would then have a claim on my own insurance and therefor the increased premiums as I would lose my no claims. I wasn't with my vehicle at the time, a colleague told me the 3rd party had reversed into my vehicle. Funnily enough, we all work for the same organisation, and it was in the staff ca
  13. Thanks for replying. Yes my witness is more than happy to provide a statement, and this was sent previously to the insurer of the person who hit me. They dismissed it stating the witness is not independent and they do not recognise him as a credible witness. I spoke to my insurer who stated I should make a claim directly with the person who hit me, as this way, I am not risking losing my no claims by going through my insurer for £140. Their insurer basically denied liability stating I have no argument as they do not recognise my witness as credible.
  14. I issued a claim through the newer moneyclaims.service.gov.uk and have received a full defence. I now log in and it states that I can ''request a County Court Judgement as there has been no response by the deadline'' even though I have received an email from them stating the defendant has filed their defence and it is attached to the email, albeit on the last day I believe of the allocated time allowed. Is this a glitch in the website? Secondly, can someone please help as to the next step as I am not sure if I have to offer anything in response to the defence. I have attached
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