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  1. It was paid with Visa Debit unfortunately. I have had the car inspected by another garage. They confirm a nasty noise from inside the gearbox. I will be going down the rejection route. I just do not know were it stands with transporting it back to Southampton from Northern Ireland. It can not be reliably driven as it there is no guarantee the steering lock will not play up and cause it not to start.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. We do not have as big of a selection of cars for sale in Northern Ireland. I have made the trip a few times before for the exact same reason, without issues. I was in talks with the dealer for a week prior to the trip to purchase the car. Is it worth getting a second opinion from another garage to outline the fault in the gearbox? I assume I do not have to give him a chance to repair it before I can reject it? I also paid on debit card (Visa) if it matters. The dealer has been incorporated since 2005. The director is the guy that sold me the ca
  3. Evening. First I apologise for literally signing up to the forum and asking advice. I am unsure of what to do next. I am from Northern Ireland (UK), I traveled to the south of England to purchase a car off a small used car dealer on the 26/1/19. He has roughly 14 cars for sale at the minute. It is a 2010 Volvo C30 automatic/powershift. Full history with only 1 previous owner and 50k miles, cost me just over £5k. On the face of it the car it is very well presented, good bodywork, service history etc. 3 month warranty assist 'gold cover'. The first issue was on the 27/01/19. I wa
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