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  1. Winny Hill - certainly read a LOT of threads regarding UAE debt on here, you will soon realise that certain users (ahem "DX") have invested their whole life to "CAG" and their user history shows them on here almost 24/7. This is not normal behaviour! So when certain users (ahem "DX") are proved wrong they can't admit it, because ego is involved. If anyone says anything against their advice they will be deleted because certain users are also "Site Team". It's been proved that CAG don't know what the hell they're talking about when it comes to UAE extrajurisdiction cases,
  2. Well, as I say, all the things you mention are certainly things a good GP could help you with - the physical and the psychological. The only useful advice I can give you is to make an appointment asap. Anything else is just pissin' in the wind - you certainly don't sound like any 26yr old who had a mildly unhappy childhood that I've ever met, to be honest. I think your problems are far, far deeper than that. Problems only a healthcare professional can help with. But feel free to rant on an anonymous internet forum if it helps in the short term. Best wishes, FG. I'm out.
  3. Sam, I don't wish to sound rude but you clearly have issues greater than just "a bit of bullying and dyspraxia". May I suggest you visit your GP and request some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which may help you get to the root of why you are living (by your own admission) like a 5 year old child. It may prove the breakthrough you need. And help you understand why people seem to misjudge you, and why approaching 30 you can't cook/can't iron, never worked, struggling to understand basic human interactions?
  4. Sam, this is a good link for people going to university with learning difficulties and/or severe autism/mental health problems - having read your posts you certainly fit into one of these categories so maybe contact them for advice on things like how to rent/how to cook/how to work, - all the things that the majority of 26yr olds take for granted as basic life skills of being an adult. https://www.savethestudent.org/save-money/health/mental-health-at-university.html
  5. What's happened to this site? I can't find anything! Mobile or laptop it all looks like Zippy from Rainbow has been let loose with his colouring crayons! It's about as user-friendly as the DWP website! Sort it out CAG owners! Way to go to kill your already dwindling user base! For a forum that's moderated tighter than North Korea I can't understand how you can get this upgrade SO wrong! Come on BankFodder, you asked for feedback and the general consensus is "Our survey said... 'Waah-Waah! XXX' "
  6. Just to keep the thread updated. I sent the CAG template letter requesting a SAR to SLC and had a letter back from SLC today saying "We acknowledge your request and will fulfil within the 30 day limit". Meanwhile I've had another set of threat-o-grams from Erudio warning me if I don't respond then holy ji'had and even jesus christ himself will knock on my parent's door cursing our whole family line to the end of all time. Ignored. Three phone calls from a Leeds debt collector phone number too in last few weeks. Blocked. (As I have no other debt so can only be in relation t
  7. This whole thread is hilarious. Sam - you don't like being a troll under this bridge so want to do back to the old bridge you were banned from? I kinda get it, if you're mentally ill then safety is what you feel secure with. But I think it's probably helpful for you to hear some shocking hard helpful advice here, before you go on to find another website to get banned from... Here it comes... Ready..? If you are in your mid-twenties and have NEVER done a day's work in your life, despite apparently applying for jobs, then the problem is probably YOU son! Thank god we li
  8. Sorry, just seen the replies. It's all gone quiet so I'm not sure asking them for stuff is a good idea. Might just wake the beast and mark me out as someone to really go for.
  9. Hello, I don't have a 'dog in the fight' either way on OP issue, and all I can offer is my best wishes, but I really feel an objective insight here might help illuminate Sangie595 as to why she continues to get troublesome replies to her posts. I know nothing about Employment Law, however I & many of my colleagues have been in numerous lowly work situations over the years where we felt desperate and turned to the internet, even sites like CAG seeking advice. Helpful constructive 'letting down' of expectations when someone is feeling vulnerable is always appreciated. Sangie - you
  10. Erm..? Do you feel better now, BazzaS? I can't see any actual 'advice' in your post about Erudio. Please refrain from commenting again on my thread if it's only to satisfy your own need to rant. Thank you.
  11. Okay, thanks for all the advice. Yes, it really is making me anxious so apologies if I'm seeking over-reassurance. I promise to update my thread if/when there are any developments or a final resolution.
  12. To explain: part of my mental condition is to be a bit paranoid so I looked at the CAG logs just to check you DX weren't a stooge - I see you are pretty much logged on here 24/7 and most of the advice you give is very arrogant and smug - so you are either a bot, or you seriously need to get a life. No one in the real world could spend that much time online without either being Rain Man or a computer? I hope for your own sake it's the later! Ha!
  13. Thank you. But what you are saying is despite the fact I took out loans with the govt in good faith 30yrs ago, on the understanding if I never met the threshold for repayment they would be written off 25yrs later, and despite deferring every year by the rules until I phoned up in 2014 and they told me to sit on my hands. Now, I could be on the hook for double the original debt because the govt decided to sell these loans to a bunch of (for want of a better word), and I'm now potentially liable for these debts? What a wonderful world we live in. Give me ONE good reason not to go
  14. Can Erudio take me court and get a CCJ because technically I'm bang to rights? If they do and I refuse to pay because I think they are a nasty, could they ultimately get bailiffs to break down my front door? I respect your optimism sat behind your keyboard, but I need to know the end game facts here by just buring my head in the sand going forward because "someone on a website told me it was cool". Bottom line - am I safe, with everything I've told you here, to just bin/block/ignore everything I get now from these chancers? Please put my mind at rest. Thank you
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