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  1. Ok cheers. I will update when we draw a line under it all. Doubt they will use bailiffs as that would cost significantly more than the car is worth.
  2. Ok thanks. I have warned the new owner however my understanding now is that the car is not in one piece. It has now been converted into a banger racing car. any ideas what powers they will in force for the new owner if any?
  3. Afternoon all, I purchased a £300 car to use for a parts car whilst restoring another car. As it happens I didn't really need anything so sold it on 3 days ago for a little under what I paid. This morning I received one of those letters from Loans2go starting it's there property and they want it back. I was a little taken back as I HPI checked the car but realised after checking report this morning that it was the cheapo option which didn't include finance. Naturally I only use the more expensive hpi for expensive cars..... I called them up and explained I wasn't aware et
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