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  1. Been really busy moving house, just getting round to sending this letter to Hermes but I’m unsure where to send it as I can’t seem to find a main depot or address for complaints, does anyone know what address I should be sending to?
  2. Excellent. Will get that sent away and then let you know the out come
  3. Ok here is my letter of claim so far. If there is anything I’ve forgot or should add please let me know and I will before sending. Thanks a lot
  4. I will get a letter of claim written up tomorrow. Will share here before sending away. Thanks again
  5. Ok, so the letter of claim has to be in writing? I will get it written up straight away. What information do I need to include in this letter? Just dates, prices and tracking numbers etc? I understand there is a chance of losing but I just can’t see how they can duck the blame here so I’ll be going ahead with this 100%. Yes it was sold on eBay, just a regular sale selling some old stuff to make a bit money (or try to make a bit money).
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes it was listed clearly when paying for courier what was going to be sent and there was no mention of prohibited items, I wasn’t even aware there were certain things you couldn’t send (apart from the obvious). I have full intentions of doing everything to be fully reimbursed for the money I’ve lost here. They haven’t replied to my last 3 emails so I’d like to get the wheels moving ASAP they’ve had plenty warning and are refusing to even communicate now. You seem a lot more clued up about this than I am so I’ll follow your advice. I am thinking skip
  7. Well they’ve lost it so no one can now prove whether it had a blade or not
  8. Hi, looking for some help here as to how I can get Hermes to cough up and refund me my money after losing my parcel. On the 7th January 2019 I sold a circular saw on eBay for £150.00, because of the weight I decided a courier was the best and cheapest way to send it to the buyer. It was dropped off at my local pick up point on Friday the 9th January for next day delivery. It was over a week before the buyer got in touch to ask me what was happening with the package, I was of the understanding it should’ve been with him by now. It was saying on Hermes website the parcel was at a local dep
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