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  1. UPDATE. ok i went into asda yesterday and spoke to a manager .they were very nice and understanding .seems like a regual occurance, as i was waiting an old couple came in with a pcn but they had receipt and parking ticket no questions asked the manager said they will sort it .and now..:whoo:
  2. cant seem to see that EB's comment . is there any milage in sending letter to asda head office
  3. the van is an arval van and according to their website they are on the v5 and a £30 charge for the privalige. starting to think i should take this on the chin and pay the £40 to parasite eye (think i spelt that right)
  4. not working for asda exactly just fixing tills for third party. never had an issue before. on previous occations talked to the parking guy who said it was fine had a note on my screen saying i was working .
  5. got a pcn on my windscreen yesterday at asda newton abbot . Iwas working on site and didnt think i needed parking ticket . my van is a lease van and iam wondering whats my next move . i have seen a couple of other posts about the same site . they have had sucsess with letters .any ideas
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