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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the advice after reading your replies I felt a lot better and to be honest kind of forgot all about it! (Don’t worry I’m still never going to do it again). I decided to check my uni post and I definitely haven’t received any letters from anyone about the incident... it’s only been two weeks but I expected to have heard by now. Does this mean I’m safe? Obviously if I do end up getting something I know to just ignore but was wondering if they maybe decided not to bother since it was for such a stupid and low amount?
  2. I’ve been stupid and was caught shoplifting in Sainsburys and looking for some advice. I’ve searched the forum for similar situations, but I still have a few questions. I was taken to the back office office and asked for my name, DOB and address. I didn’t want to give them photo ID so showed them my bank card. They appeared to just look at it to confirm my name and didn’t take any photocopies of it as far as I’m aware. I was very compliant, stayed calm, handed over the items immediately (very low cost: less than £9 in total which I then paid in full before leaving).
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