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  1. The motorhome isn't being repaired at the moment, I have cancelled the pending factory repair of the delaminated interior roof because I'm worried that there is mould in the roof, and Swift apparently won't tell AEG if they will be removing a section for inspection or replacement, plus they want to keep the motorhome for around 6 more weeks for this. Regarding taking legal action, this is what we are considering, and why I wanted your readers experienced opinions, to help me assess if it would be worth the financial risk of losing any action. We really don't want the motorhome back b
  2. Most of the initial problems I suppose we put down to being a used van, but it does suggest there was no pdi check carried out before we took delivery, eventhough we were told we had to wait a couple of weeks between paying our deposit and collecting the vehicle, so they could service & valet the vehicle and carry out the habitational check. All but the water leaks were taken care of in just two visits back to the dealership and were completed by September 28th, so we assumed that was the end of our problems. And to be honest, AEG staff were very friendly and helpful so we weren'
  3. Thank you for that, I purchased the motorhome on August 9th 2018 from AEG Motorhomes in Stourbridge.
  4. I purchased a 15 month old 2017 Swift Escape 685 motorhome for 46k in August 2018 which developed various faults, initially minor but getting more serious/worrying over the short time I've owned this. This is my first ever motorhome and my wife and I purchased this for trips to maintain our holiday home business throughout the year, not just for holidays, the dealer was made aware of this before our purchase. We decided to purchase a used model because we believed it would have had any initial teething problems solved, so would be more reliable than a new model, my first mistake! I
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