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  1. Thanks again dx100uk. You,ve answered clarified my query 're statute bar/requesting judgement to be set aside I have today off so hopefully will get lucky with the information you've told me to obtain I'm the meantime, I'm scared to answer any knock at the door. Will update you later
  2. Thanks dx100uk. I fibbed and said no one at this address. I felt awful fibbing but want to he to the bottom of this 1st I called step change after in a bit of a panic. Interesting advice given. So say, if you haven't advised a debt company of a name change or change of address, you can't claim statute barred. I'd that true?
  3. Ok. Really panicking now. Because of my en quiry about this debt, someone just knocked the door asking for me in my old name. I fibbed! I have tomorrow off as I can't get through to Canada to stop things going further what do I do if I get another visit?
  4. That's interesting. I emailed the court today. I'll call Canada now to see if I can get through their red tape
  5. Thanks dx100uk. I'm hitting a bit of a wall trying to get information of when egg received a last payment. my recline was around 2009/10 I called Canada square today to get this information. They say i have to email them and it can take up to 28 days for a response Half hour wait with Northampton court on the phone, will try again tomorrow to get a copy of the ccj in the meantime, I have 10 days to get back to the MOD
  6. On thank you ever so much! Blasted auto text is driving me crazy! Will update you tomorrow One further question. Does statute barred start from the ccj which was issued in Jan 2015 or when egg received their last payment?
  7. OK. I'm new here so please be gentle I got into a lot of debt in 2002. Long story! I'm working for a company that works closely with the MOD. I was honest about my debts but got side blinded when they discovered a ccJ for over 15k This loan did not show on my file. Experian says because my addresses are not linked it didn't show? From the info Experian have given me, I have called these companies Carvale creditor Britannica Recoveries Restons Solicitors Cabot Financial Resolve Cabot say they've passed the debt to Resolve who can't trace me. The cAN was issued
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