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  1. I've attached the court letter. It states I agreed to pay within 28 days but I have had made no contact with the company whatsoever. I paid £4 for 12 hours parking at around 15.45 and left at 22.46. The only rule of theirs I have contravened is taking more than 10 minutes to pay after arriving. They have made no loss. And here is the original PCN. It clearly states that the charge is failing to purchase a pay and display ticket within the 10 minute grace period. Am I right in presuming that the 10 minute grace period contravention indicates that they know
  2. I received a 'letter before claim' from Gladstones on March 6th 2019. I did not respond and have now received a letter from County Court Business Centre asking for £239. I am not willing to pay this as I feel I paid for 12 hours parking and the dispute over not paying in the first 10 minutes unreasonable. I understand I shouldn't ignore the court letter, but can anyone recommend how I should proceed. I'm happy to go to court. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks all for the replies, and thanks Mrs O'Frog for the images. I've been working away and returned to a third letter. I've attached all three and hopefully I've finally got the hang of blocking out ALL my personal details! Sorry dx100uk! The letter states I arrived at 15.27 and left at 22.46. I paid £4 which covered me for 12 hours. It was dark and raining heavily (no excuse) so I didn't stand and read the signs. I only had £3 in change so went off to get another pound. I was delayed in the local theatre cafe as there was no one serving.
  4. So if there's no PoFA 2012 mentioned in the paperwork, then it's non compliant, therefore invalid? And now time has passed so too late for them anyway?
  5. Sorry, I'll try again with the images.! The dates are 8/12/18 Date of parking 12/12/18 First letter sent 14/01/19 Second letter sent parkcharge.pdf
  6. No problem. It seems so petty that it's almost hard to believe. But they're just out to get money I suppose. So in your opinion, just sit tight?
  7. Hi dx100uk. Thanks for following this. I'm not sure how to check if they have planning permission. To clarify my query, I paid for parking for the time required. I didn't pay as soon as I arrived as I didn't have change. I went and got change from the theatre near by but it took more than 10 minutes. I returned to the car park, entered my registration, paid the full amount, put my ticket on the dashboard, did my job and left. The only thing I can see I contravened was the 10 minute grace period to pay at the beginning. The ANPR saw me arrive, and the machine accepted
  8. Mrs O'Frog, I can see the roadside sign on Google Street and it looks like theres a 10 minute warning there. If possible, a shot of the sign at the pay area would be useful. Thanks very much.
  9. Thanks for the photo offer Mrs O'Frog. I’m from Chester so that would be appreciated. Regarding the charge, I did pay for my stay in full and some. The issue was I took longer than 10 minutes from arrival to paying. Am I missing something?
  10. Thanks. I’ll re upload the letters with the references removed. I don’t understand why it has nothing to do with the 10 minute grace period. I thought the charge was because I'd taken longer than 10 minutes after arrival to pay for parking. It was dark and raining heavily and I didn’t read the small print. I struggled to find change within 10 minutes.
  11. Hi, new to the forum, thanks in advance. The PCN came though the post, ANPR capture, no ticket. Date of infringement 08/12/2018. NTK was issued on 12/12/2019 for £60. I've been working away, so effectively ignored it. I received a Keeper Liability Notice on 16/01/2019 but I was still away and have just returned and opened it (28/01/2019). Schedule 4 Protections of freedoms Act is mentioned. I have made no contact with them. The parking company is HX Carpark Management Ltd The car park address is Vulcans Lane Car Park, Vulcans Lane, Workington, Cumbria CA14 2BP They oper
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