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  1. Yes I realise that now, after their lack of help this morning. Especially as they could probably tell I was distressed. I only rang to try and put my own mind at rest. I'll see what the court say on the phone tomorrow. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Andy. Sadly I come just over the amount so will have to pay the £50. I just hope that my N245 and speaking to them tomorrow will at least allow the suspension. I wish I had discovered this site years ago.
  3. Took my N245 to Chester County Court this morning. No longer a payment desk onsite (not been there for years). Security on reception rang through to back office (assume it was clerk). Took my form and contact number, said someone will call tomorrow to discuss and take the £50 for N245. I'm hoping that as I have got the form in a week before the 4th Feb date then the bailiff should be notified and the warrant should be suspended. I did ring Restons to see if they would put the account on hold, but they wouldn't do that unless I filled in one of their I&E forms. I didn't te
  4. ok thank you. I'll enter a N245 tomorrow to suspend warrant and offer £15.
  5. I'm scarred that while I'm gathering the info a bailiff will turn up though. If I fill in the N245 will that in theory stop a visit? Yes I can afford the £50 fee & £15 per month.
  6. I have been reading this forum for advice so think I know what to do but I have a few questions. Yesterday I received a 'Notice of Warrant of Control', from my local county court (Chester) asking for £536 or the bailiffs will call 4th Feb. It is for not paying a CCJ judgement from Restons (originally Next). I emailed them in May last year when they got the CCJ asking to pay £15 a month and asking for bank details, no reply and now this. I have other CCJs/debts so never chased up at the time, tbh head is a mess and I forgot. My questions; 1 - Is the debt now owed to b
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