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  1. Hi Honeybee, I called the court and they said I could write to them about my dates when submitting the plea. There will be no one in my house, as we are all going on a family holiday abroad. Do I write to TFL now? Or just plead guilty by post and try to settle OOC at the court? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. Today I have received a Single Justice Procedure Notice. I have 3 options 1. Plead guilty under the SJP. 2. Plead guilty in court. 3. Plead not guilty. I am planning to choose the second one. I have a problem, I will be out of the country from 25th April to 18th May. What happens if I get a hearing during this dates? How do I tell this to the court? I have been charged under Byelaw 17(1). I am also trying to get it settled out of court. Could someone please advice?
  3. Hi dx The letter says “ will proceed in line with our enforcement policy” Does this mean there are chances I only have to pay a fine. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I received another letter today. At the end it reads “ your mitigation has been taken into account, however this case will proceed in line with our Enforcement policy and further legal action may be brought against you”. How do I reply to this? Please assist if you can Thanks
  5. You are right Bazz, I can only be apologetic and sorry. It’s up to them where to settle it out of court or not.
  6. Dear mr xxxx [use his name from the letter they sent you on the xx jan] thank you for your letter dated xx January 2019, the contents of which are dulely noted. Having since sought out appropriate advise, i have come to the realisation that my own understanding upon the seriousness of using someone else's pass was somewhat flawed.Mine had expired, I used my sisters valid pass, which was wrong on my part and I am shameful about not accepting this before. I now fully understand that using someone else’s pass is a serious criminal offence and would never think of doing it again. I have recently started working my dream job in the IT sector after completing a 3yrs degree. The nature of my work sees me start shift at 4:00 a.m. and an Airport ID is required to access any all areas, a criminal record will lead to this being withdrawn and would hinder my chances of continuing working in my career and doing what I love. Therefore, I am sincerely hoping you will allow me to resolve this matter out of court. I apologise profusely for my actions in this case. I pride myself on my integrity and honesty and I feel shameful for my actions. I wish to apologise to the member of staff concerned and to TFL, I am just so sorry for my actions and the inconvenience caused to all involved. I am happy to make immediate payment of any unpaid fare and all the reasonable costs that my actions have caused and avoid a criminal record thereby allowing me to protect my good name. I have never been in trouble with the law in the past and I am very sorry that my stupid misunderstanding has lead to this situation now. Again, I can assure you that I will always ensure to hold a valid pass of my own on any future journeys. I would appreciate your consideration and I sincerely hope that you can show some leniency in this matter. I have made amendments to the letter.
  7. 1) Leaving gateline at the end of journey. 2)Uniformed individual. 3) Caution was recited. 4) Late afternoon. My best guess is targeted op on an area noted for high abuse. Hi dx, It was not while going for work but while returning. I used the pass while going for work, I was unable to make one while returning as the station only had self service ticketing machines, I could have bought a full ticket, which I did not (my fault). I was asked to produce the pass at the end of the journey when returning home. There was a team of uniform individuals. Thank you for improving my letter dx. I'm sorry for not being clear from the beginning and causing you extra trouble.
  8. Thank you very much for your help dx. I will be ever grateful to you.
  9. Thank you for the reply dx, I will edit my letter again and explain what you have mentioned and my intentions.
  10. The last one correctly explains my situation. I thought I would use my sisters pass that day, and buy a new pass as soon as the opportunity arrives. I have already said and I truly mean it that I would not be using anyone’s pass in future.
  11. Hi dx I usually panic if I’m about to do something wrong. I would try to avoid it at every cost. I used it that day to avoid getting late. I would not have used the card unless there was an emergency. I understand that it is not acceptable though but I would have used it again. Given my situation now and what I had to go through, I cannot even think of doing it again.
  12. I edited my letter and made changes that HB suggested to do. I also removed my comment about 'not getting enough sleep' as I just don't want it to sound like an excuse.
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