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  1. Thanks, ScarletP. I'll check those out. I have little family support, apart from my OH, but I've always been an optimistic person so even though I'm in a pretty crappy place in my head at the moment, I do keep hoping I'll recover.
  2. Ericsbrother - I was just going to ring their helpline and see what they say. Unlike my managers, who frankly have quite shameful behaviour ("I won't name the person who writes a note and slips it under my door naming those encouraging unofficial overtime/refusing to work with incorrect equipment/refuses to work through breaks" or whatever it is the managers have a bugbear about on any particular day - just a teeny example), you seem like a decent human being. However, I don't really think getting HSE involved at this point will be helpful to anyone. The tools were replaced the foll
  3. Thanks King. I'll contact the union tomorrow and see if they can help. I didn't want to rock the boat by reporting them about H&S breach as after my accident, tools and safety equipment arrived the very next day so I'm pretty confident that others won't be in this position. Nothing I can do about the management who made me do the job without equipment despite me asking 2 different managers and an engineer - they'll never change. It's a "them and us" attitude sadly. I've found a psychologist and PTSD expert that I've been assessed with and am comfortable with through the c
  4. Thanks, both. H&S weren't involved. They asked me to say I was "working from home" while I was off recovering so they didn't have to report it. They told me to do a job without the right equipment and when I asked for equipment I was told I didn't need it and they'd take responsibilty - which they've admitted to the insurance company. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to that job, but I don't want to lose my job there and the place is big enough I'm pretty sure they could move me if they wanted to. Trouble is, I don't think I'm ready to go back. Saw psychiat
  5. Thanks, King12345. I'm already seeing a counsellor plus I have a CPN. These have only been seen very recently, though. I'm hoping the work insurance is going to pay for more counselling and EMDR(?) with a counsellor who works with ex forces. Will the union be able to help me keep my job (but in a different area) do you think? They're already paying for a solicitor to pursue my injury claim. My rep didn't seem to know much but is fairly new and covering a sick colleague.
  6. Honeybee13 - yes, work-related. They've admitted liability and I've made a claim against them which is ongoing.
  7. Thanks, both, for the replies. Apologies for the delay, I got my password wrong and was locked out. CPN and psychologist both say it's going to take a lot of medication and possibly 2-3 years to get me fit enough to go back. My accident was 4 years ago. I struggled to stay in work for the first 3 years, but it was making me ill. Now I'm told I should have had help from the start but it's taken 2 years to be seen. I'm rural, not a lot of support here, travel 80 miles round for work. It's not the kid of job I could do at home. I'm on the waiting list for something called EDMR/EM
  8. Hi all. Long story short - I had an accident at work, they admitted liability. I have been off on long term sick with PTSD and now called in for interview by HR. They want me to finish due to long absence. OH doctor has put on one report that the disabilty act may apply to my case. I've made a claim via my union which is ongoing. I really don't want to lose my job, but I'm not well enough to go back. I'm trying to claim sick benefits but it's very hard going and haven't received anything yet. SSP and pay have now finished so I'm starting to panic. I've fin
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