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  1. I would also say have a huge blitz of your paperwork, you might be surprised what you find and where. Remember ultimately it will be down to you to present a case of why you were miss sold. Good luck.
  2. It would make sense if they sent the documentation through. I used the Barclaycard site, though I placed a minimum of information in. I have requested all the data they have regarding the application on there end, so the wait starts.
  3. Thanks renegadeimp & dx100uk! With regard to the SAR it will be my next task. Was it the case when applying online that you print off your own documents, sign them and then send it off in the post? If so then it cannot be possible as I have an credit agreement that was obviously sent to her by post. Yes I understand the Plevein is not what we are trying to pursue but the miss-selling of PPI. Its now up to us to move the complaint further with regards to PPI miss-selling. I suppose the big question here is if we peruse the miss selling of PPI and fail, then do we autom
  4. HI guys, I’m currently assisting my mother with a PPI complaint with Barclaycard (formerly an egg card taken out Online in Q1 of 2004). I would really appreciate if someone could categorically tell me that EGG had the PPI box pre-ticked during Q1 of 2004 i.e. they have been successful in calming miss-sold PPI with egg. I would be especially over the moon if someone could tell me that it was not possible to proceed with the application if this box was not ticked as that seems of a complete own goal by egg. Barclaycard have offered us quite a chunk of a refund due to Plevin, but
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