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  1. Thanks for that and to everyone who has provided guidance and advice. I will update the thread with how the counselling went and the penalty I received. Thanks again...
  2. Thanks for this. I did see this thread though and have a fair idea how the alternative to prosecution and direct measure process works in Scotland. The difference is that this is a second offence and the question is whether an alternative to prosecution can be issued in this instance. I have today though arranged for six face to face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions through Health Assured our workplace provider. Hopefully this will shed some light on why I have done this.
  3. Thanks again, My company uses an organisation called Health Assured who offer one to one or telephone counselling. Do you think this is a better option? In reply to DX's post: The items were recovered in the first instance though the 2nd occasion was 3 weeks after event as a result of CCTV - - - Updated - - - Sorry it would be Kilmarnock court - - - Updated - - - Sorry it would be Kilmarnock court
  4. Thanks very much for that I'm going to make an appointment to see my doctor over the coming days to get the support I need. Is it possible if I do this and disclose this at court I may get a deferred sentence to finish my counselling and show no further offending.
  5. Thanks again, Is there anything I can do to mitigate the Procurator Fiscals decision before it gets to court. Can I write to them advising I am seeking medical advice and request a direct measure.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply Do you think their is a chance this might not go to court and be dealt with as an alternative to prosecution or as it is a 2nd offence within the 2 year period of the fiscal fine that this is a given. If there is a chance I can prevent it from going to court by going to my GP how would the PF know this before making the decision to prosecute
  7. Having previously never been in trouble in my 54 years I got caught shoplifting in Dec 2016 and was given a fiscal fine in February 2017 which would stay on my record for 2 years. I cannot explain why though I did this again in ASDA in December 2018 (within the 2 years) stealing an SD card with a value of £11 which I didn’t need nor have used. This was seen on CCTV with the police identified me from my car number plate in the car park after which they asked me to attend the police station last week and charged me with the offence. They said as my fiscal fine was still within the 2 years they would have to refer it to the procurator fiscal. I have a good job earning over £50k per year and cannot explain why I did this the first time never mind the second. It beggars belief. My question though is what the likely penalty is. Can I get another fiscal fine or another alternative to prosecution as a conviction would likely end up with me losing my job as I require annual DBS checks
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