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  1. Thanks, in last conversation back in early February the told they will go for eviction. I have been waiting to hear since then or letter from court.
  2. Hi, I have been making all monthly normal payments plus 500 towards arrears. This morning I had missed call on my mobile from them with voicemail. The message was half recorded but starting and ending on alternatively if you want to call back in the meantime please call on number.... I take they are calling for arrears and possibly court action. I am scared to call back. What should I do? If it is eviction, will they call or send letter?
  3. Hi, I was going through some threads on this forum and read about Ell-enn, you suggested someone that if lender don't reply to your arrears repayment offer you can write to court to decide. I also read somewhere that lender must response to your offer in writing. In my case, they haven't responded on writing. Can I not ask the court at this stage? I am very worried about going to the eviction stage. Thanks
  4. I wish you all the best for Monday. Is this hearing after you defended with N244? I am trying to not take stress but can't stop thinking. Wish I had taken advance from this board when problem started by talking to them on phone.
  5. Thanks Ell-enn. I will be very grateful to you for helping me with N244. With 4 children I don't know what would happen if they get the possession.
  6. Thank you. They said over the phone that they will issue eviction warrant. I hope you guys can help with n244. If court decides against me after n244 and then some how I manage to clear the arrears then will I have that option or will it be too late then?
  7. They told me over the phone that you will know the eviction date from hand delivered letter by bailiff. I don't want to go to that stage where they get the eviction date. Is it possible to ask the court to set aside the judgment given on 23rd January?
  8. I know I should have put the phone down but i got panicking about all this. When you say there is no eviction warrant, is it not true that court granted them permission to execute the suspended repossession order granted in 2009? Can they now get the eviction date without court hearing? If court hearing will I be able to defend? I did go through the thread you asked me to. Still not clear. Shall I now wait for the bailiff with eviction date and then defend? Can't I do anything at this stage? I can't pay full arrears around 15000.
  9. Please excuse my ignorance, will there be hearing in the court allowing me to attend and ask judge to consider my proposal? Or they will get eviction date without hearing?
  10. Hi, not knowing it was Birmingham midshire, I took phone call from them just now. It was from eviction team. They said they are not accepting my offer towards the arrears and want full arrears to be paid before any legal action can be stopped. They also said they have applied to the court for eviction date warrant. I will get letter hand delivered by bailiff with eviction date. I asked to send me refusal of my offer in writing but they said they won't. I am very worried now. Seems like matter is getting out of my hands. Please advise what should be my next step to stop this. I already pairs 1500 plus 200 towards the arrears.
  11. Thank you. I ended up sending this by e-mail. I hope this shouldn't make much difference. If needed by post, Please advise and I will send hard copy by post.
  12. Thanks Ell-enn. Shall I give them call? I asked this my case worker at ombudsmen, he suggested it is acceptable for lender to speak over the phone for the income and expenditure.
  13. I have done attached income and expenditure. I am planning to send this by post later tonight with proposal of 500 every month towards arrears. Ell-enn, kindly review this and suggest if looks ok. Thanks. BUDGETCALCULATOR (1).pdf
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