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  1. Yep, that's what I thought.
  2. Thanks. I'm not questioning if the work was necessary, I'm questionaing if the labour costs are excessive. I only received an itemised bill from builder today, hence the delay in my second post.
  3. Hi king12345, I'm really questioning the following 2 items on his bill: £1800 for plasterboarding & taping & coving kitchen ceiling (£1560 labour) - 15 feet x 14 feet £1100 plasterboarding & taping bathroom (£680 labour) - 14 feet x 6 feet. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Builder estimate for renovation work on our house was £7,500. Work included removing window & replacing with patio doors, removing two internal walls, fitting insulated plaster board in bedroom, laying hardwood floor, converting a bedroom into a bathroom, including external pipework. We paid an initial £5000. He took over seven months to do the work, with very long, unexplained absences throughout (the longest was 9 weeks). During the work, we also asked him to fit respatex in the shower, board out the new bathroom with plasterboard (uninsulated), he added coving in the kitchen and supplied underlay for the wooden floor. He has now billed us for the remaining £2,500 of the original estimate and a massive £4260 for the extra work. This seems far too high for the additional work. I have asked for an itemised bill, but think I am being taken for a ride. Any advice much appreciated.
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