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  1. Yep, that's what I thought.
  2. Thanks. I'm not questioning if the work was necessary, I'm questionaing if the labour costs are excessive. I only received an itemised bill from builder today, hence the delay in my second post.
  3. Hi king12345, I'm really questioning the following 2 items on his bill: £1800 for plasterboarding & taping & coving kitchen ceiling (£1560 labour) - 15 feet x 14 feet £1100 plasterboarding & taping bathroom (£680 labour) - 14 feet x 6 feet. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Builder estimate for renovation work on our house was £7,500. Work included removing window & replacing with patio doors, removing two internal walls, fitting insulated plaster board in bedroom, laying hardwood floor, converting a bedroom into a bathroom, including external pipework. We paid an initial £5000. He took over seven months to do the work, with very long, unexplained absences throughout (the longest was 9 weeks). During the work, we also asked him to fit respatex in the shower, board out the new bathroom with plasterboard (uninsulated), he added coving in the kitchen and s
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