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  1. Thanks Sangie595 My stress sick leave was because manager was not doing his job. He would not answer my emails regarding work, just would not reply, there was an error in his report regarding working hours but he would not rectify his error. Nearly three month I send emails but he ignored. When I complain higher officer said oh forget everything and move on. They did accept error but after my dismissal.
  2. Now a day we do not have to read statement. Hearing on next week
  3. Thanks. That's I have done it but not sure what to ask other party as i have included everything in statement.
  4. There is only one bundle. I gave all my evidences to the other party. Do I need to creat my own bundle?
  5. Hi I have employment hearing coming up. So far I was confident but now nervous. I left it too late now can not find representative. CAB can not help as no resources. I have been dismissed unfairly based on work related stress leave. I though my employer will look into issue but they said forget everything and move on. It was very difficult for me. They did accept error but after my dismissal. They said they have followed their policy. Statement has been exchanged 3 weeks ago but todays date they still keep adding pages to the bundle. Can they do it? What happens to the
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