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  1. There was nothing in the judgement that precludes us from claiming, no I don't believe so. Currently I have no idea if additional costs will apply, the replacement company are scoping fully next week now they can do what's needed to check. Good to know we can return, not that I wish to, but as you say why should we be further out of pocket because of their incompetence. I'll check out the post judgement, I'm really hoping we don't need it.
  2. It may cost us more to put right than initially thought, to your previous response about extra expense that we couldn't account for until we knew full extent which could only be uncovered once replacements go it. Could be just labour costs, maybe hardware increases due to spec changes to hide the mess. Early days will know more next week.
  3. Hi BF The reality is starting to appear as we start to peel back the onion skin unfortunately, I'll keep you posted!
  4. Dear BF Unbelievably, the cheque has indeed turned up and within the 10 days they promised, wow! Haven’t cashed it yet, hopefully it won’t bounce! I would like to say I can now put this behind me and move on, hopefully the damage they have caused can be covered up by the replacements, although there is only so much they can do. Thanks again for all the support, I'll be pushing people your way should the need arise. I'll update my post on Trustpilot and give you a shout out, for what it's worth.
  5. It's written down in the general form that gets sent out post ruling, and yes I raised the time to pick up once available to the judge whom responded with "I'm sure you both can work that out, you have direct contact with the defendant" etc. I will give them most likely 10 days, I'll base that on how quick they pay. Everest windows are a premium product. or not as I've since discovered, so we have no issues with the replacements being more expensive in fact they are 30% cheaper for equivalents. We do have those additional repairs we can't expect the new peop
  6. There is no real arrangement Everest requested them to be returned, after the judge stopped laughing and asked if we had any problems returning the said faulty items, we responded that they are free to pick them up once we have our replacements in.
  7. LOL, just over £2K, they have 28 days to pay. After the hearing he stated they wouldn't wait and issue a cheque within 10. I won't hold my breathe, had many promises from them previously. I'll give them that and if not, look to place the enforcement per your suggestion. Thanks for the heads up, I'm still catching my breath over this and trying not to be naive to the fact games could continue. I do see they've been messing someone around on Trustpilot who was awarded in their favor! I'll keep you posted.
  8. Very much deserved and ofcourse, the court found that I did properly terminate the contract based on my statory pre-mentioned rights and as such awarded my desposit to be repaid along with damages I claimed for and costs. He couldn't award ancillaries (additional heating costs) as I couldn't really prove it, but as mentioned to you previously this was a insuccificant piece and sum. He did grant them the right to have their windows back, not sure why I didn't argue against that! :@) Happy to share further information if it helps.
  9. Dear BF, our day of reckoning came and went this Monday, sorry for the lack of communication till now but it was clear you had done as much as you could, then it was down to me. Your help and advice set us on a perilous path that I can most certainly say, is not for the faint hearted. I now fully understand why people avoid taking the necessary steps to stop companies like Everest treating them as they do. Legal legislation, especially the terminology used and sheer length including all the different clauses are enough for anyone to think, ok I’m way out of my dep
  10. Thank you BF. Will do an update in full in the Morning as we finally got our day in Court!
  11. thank you Andyorch, so it should come in the post from the courts if not I'll download, oh the joys ;0)
  12. Which was the 15th with notification on the 19th for the detailed particulars. Ok, so I haven't done anything wrong nor missed an opportunity which is fine. I'll await the DQ then take it from there, I see 33 days for that one! Just to be clear on whom sends the DQ, sorry to ask again. If you would like to proceed with your claim upon receipt of a paid, full or part defence you must notify the court by following the directions enclosed with the copy of the defendant’s response. If you have been sent a questionnaire to complete this must be returned by the date specified
  13. Yeah, I think they were late and why they needed to do it. The documents aren't clear on exact timelines, one say's 14 days another 28 days and we see 19 calendar days. Most certainly not user friendly for the uneducated I must say.
  14. Hello BF, just looking at the MCOL portal and see new entries. A bar was put in place for Everest on 04/04 Everest filed a defence 04/04 DQ sent to Everest 04/04 Any ideas on the bar statement, it seems to prevent a warrant being sent?
  15. Just checked, think it's 19 days via MCOL so right on the money it seems!
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