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  1. thanks for this DX. I called them over the course of the week, re-iterating what I had originally said in my first email, saying it was a foolish thing to have done, I acted out of sheer stupidity and financial desperation, and begged for their discretion to have this matter resolved without damaging my chances of future employment. However they said on the phone every time that they "do not do out of court settlements”??? This offence is dealt with “Strict Liability”, and that apparently there is absolutely nothing I can say that will change their mind - and was also told they are
  2. Hi, TL;DR version of events: I received a SJPN. I believe I technically am guilty of the charge, but had ignorantly committed the offence out of sheer financial desperation, having had no money and just started a new job. I'm desperate to avoid a criminal conviction. I contacted TfL's IAP to apologise, explained my circumstances, and I provided proof for everything possible and asked to settle this out of court, and that I'm happy to pay the necessary fine. Today they finally responded - with a very generic response to say they wish to proceed with the case... However
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