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  1. Hi to explain briefly, I was issued a claim form for a debt and went to court and the claim was dismissed. So that was the first claim. The claimant then applied for the order to be set aside, a new trial date and for costs which was a new claim under a new claim number but it was stayed while we negotiated an agreement. We have agreed a consent order under the claim reference of the 2nd claim which was for the original order to be set aside and costs but in my contact with their solicitor it covers both claims. I suppose I’m just being over
  2. Hi I have agreed a consent order for a debt. Too long a story to go into but it is the best option for me right now. Do I need to make sure the account number related to the claim is on the order so it cannot be sold at a later date? thanks
  3. I ordered some items online from “All boxed up” on November 7th 2018. They didn’t arrive so I emailed in December to ask when they would be delivered. I received a response by email saying there was a delay but orders would be dispatched in mid January. By February still no goods so I emailed and asked for a refund. No reply. I have since emailed 3 further times. No reply and no refund. No phone number on the website so wondering what I can do next?
  4. Yes Bankfodder. The last payment was November 2012. I’ve not acknowledged the debt but did send a letter informing DCA of change of address as did not want a backdoor CCJ. I’m assuming (hopefully) that sending that letter hasn’t stuffed me.
  5. Thanks. Sorry if it’s in the wrong forum.
  6. Hi all I have a few debts that I am trying to sort out but am not sure if some may be SB’d. I have one for Barclaycard and am trying to figure out where I stand as I am a bit confused over the SB’d criteria ( I have read a lot of threads about it). the debt is wth. DCA and other than a letter to advise of change of address I’ve not responded to them. the last payment was in 2012 but on checking statements there is a refund on the account in March 2013 for £400 I have no idea what for. I was sent 2 DN’s by mercer’s one in November 2012 and another in February 2013 but
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