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  1. Hahahaha, totally agree, thank you so much, I feel much more confident now. - - - Updated - - - Thank you all for your help and replies
  2. Yes I understand that and thank you for your reply. It is just that there is a section that states: Have you ever been- Investigated, arrested, summonsed, charged, cautioned, convicted for any offence by any UK or non-UK Police Force, Law Enforcement Agency or any other statutory prosecuting authority or agency. Received a warning, final warning, reprimand, fixed penalty notice for disorder or other fixed penalty notice as an adult or juvenile? And that seems very thorough...
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this Forum, so not entirely sure how to start a new thread. I have had similar incident back in 2013, I was caught in TK MAXX, got excluded and then of course, because I felt so guilty and scared have paid RLP fine immediately, which I believe was £179. No police was involved, just shop exclusion form and I think Shopping-centre exclusion. Now 6 year later, I am going through Management Vetting process for Police and wondering if that incident would show up? Considering that it is a very thorough check. I am very embarrassed of course, but I have learned from that experience and have not done anything like that again. I am thinking of coming clean, however would not want to embarrass myself for no reason. Please, has anyone been through similar process? Would that be on police register? would it show up? Thank you
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