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  1. Hahahaha, totally agree, thank you so much, I feel much more confident now. - - - Updated - - - Thank you all for your help and replies
  2. Yes I understand that and thank you for your reply. It is just that there is a section that states: Have you ever been- Investigated, arrested, summonsed, charged, cautioned, convicted for any offence by any UK or non-UK Police Force, Law Enforcement Agency or any other statutory prosecuting authority or agency. Received a warning, final warning, reprimand, fixed penalty notice for disorder or other fixed penalty notice as an adult or juvenile? And that seems very thorough...
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this Forum, so not entirely sure how to start a new thread. I have had similar incident back in 2013, I was caught in TK MAXX, got excluded and then of course, because I felt so guilty and scared have paid RLP fine immediately, which I believe was £179. No police was involved, just shop exclusion form and I think Shopping-centre exclusion. Now 6 year later, I am going through Management Vetting process for Police and wondering if that incident would show up? Considering that it is a very thorough check. I am very embarrassed of course, but I hav
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