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  1. I never got any warning about cost to respondent and no offers. I believe cost warnings are required to recover cost.
  2. Judge in today's PH was repeatedly saying - focus on the hearing and claim and not on peripherals. I kind of feel all is related but may end of focusing on wrong stuff which is not relevant to the claim.
  3. It is constructive dismissal on grounds of age and race. I resigned out of frustration for a very long time. My health was also deteriorating and my IBD was at peak that time and was extremely stressed because of tensions at work. ACAS reconciliation failed. Firstly ACAS was not able to contact them withing given timeframe of 1 month. Later on when contact happened , nothing came out. Some of other people of same position with lot less experience were getting paid 10k more than. One day I couldn't take it anymore and resigned. I have been high performer but not the 'politically correct' speaking type. I asked for promotion in Dec 2014. It was a simple one liner - "Hi xxx/yyy, I would like to discuss my career progression in ZZZZ sometime with you. " And now in witness statement manager mentioned about that email - "I remember being a bit taken aback by the tone of the email at page 82 as normally someone in the same position as AAAA would not send an email like that, however, I accepted that sometimes people can come across in a different way than intended by email and I arranged to meet with him." Really perceptive people. In 2015 I worked on a big project and despite another developer of same position with me, I ended up doing almost all of the work. Deployment team made mistakes 3 times in deploying in production and it has to be rolled back. And with repeated rollbacks , this manager started having with me catch ups and then started informal capability process which lasted for 6 months.
  4. Hi, I have an employment tribunal hearing on Monday. I worked with respondent for 4.5 years. resigned because of 4.5 years of harassment, bullying, race discrimination. Faced numerous ageist comments from one of employees during first year. Denied promotion opportunities, put through capability assessment in 2015 which lasted for 7-8 months despite GP advise against it. It affected my mental and physical health a lot. Denied smallest of 'work from home' request when contractors and some of permanent employees could use it at will and sometimes for 3 months. They say contractors are allowed to work from home. Put contractors in management position and one of them threatened to put me on capability again in 2017. There is lot more. salary differences for same position, giving minimum 1.9% increment for 2 years and no increment during year when i was put on capability. Senior managers talking openly that why he doesn't go away! when i was seating 6 feet away. Very humiliating. I can't prove any of these. I don't feel I have much of a case. But I wanted to raise it. I HAVE TO! I went through preliminary hearing today. I am representing myself. And respondent has legal counsel on payroll with whom I had been interacting till now. But today I saw that they hired external solicitor. I had just one page ET1 with points as bullet points without much details. Which a very friendly judge in August helped me to elaborate further during PH. But it is still very basic and I used same document to prepare witness statement by modifying bit. I went through CBT in 2015, psychiatric counselling this year after leaving job, and again planned in near future. On antidepressants. I am claiming six months of salary and pension which I lost while being unemployed. I have found equal salary job and going back to all this is really stressful. Can someone please give some highlights of how to go about in hearing. Today's judge was absolute opposite and all of my requests for extra documents. Disclosure has been absolutely biased and nothing that helps me. He was stressing repeatedly that I should prepare for hearing and not focus on peripherals. I was late in requesting modification to disclosure as new job in demanding and i am still on probation. What points i should focus on . What are DOs and DON'Ts. Please help.
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