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  1. Would they actually give me his contact details if I call their customer careline? I tried hard to look for his details but I couldn't find any phone number or email!
  2. The ban letter from saintsburys advising me to contact the regional operational manager if I believe that the ban is unjust.. I am not sure who to complain especially because of the wallet incident!
  3. I even told them that mistakes happen and I am willing to pay for any differences or any errors, I told them I would never do such things and I do not want any issues with them. Shall I contact the regional operations manager as advised in the letter? I am thankful to all of you for the advice, I really am working hard on creating a deep learning technology to assist disabled people as my closest friend died because he couldn't control his wheelchair! why would I risk all of this for 2 GBP ?!
  4. Dear All, I have had a scary incident today! I was rushing through a saintsbury's local and accidentally tagged one item worth 2 GBP as carrots, I purchased 4 items and only one had the issue. The security guard asked me to go to a room with the manager who claimed that I did this 3 times without showing any proof! It did happen a time before and I assured her that it was a mistake and I re-scanned the item I wanted to purchase and paid for it (it was a glitch in the system which she did not admit, the self checkout was already waiting for carrots to be scanned and did not take the barcode of my item) This time, she was shouting, she was scary along with her large security guy. They asked for ID and I was getting my wallet to show him my ID, he took it without my permission and they started going though my bank cards and my driving license. They recorded my address and name and gave me a ban, they even insisted on treating me badly by taking a photo of me with the paper and the item which was a small bag of crisps!!! I feel really disappointed but I am also very worried that DWF or other companies might ask me to pay more money as I am an international student on a full scholarship. I am working hard and I have never had such issues in my life and would never do such things. I asked them the same question: why would I "play" with your system after scanning all of my items properly except one?!?! I even asked her that if she has a proof of what she claims, she can give me a full invoice of the items she is claiming and I will pay her for everything immediately to prove to her that this is unintentional and surely not my doing! I am really worried that this could affect my residency in this country or my scholarship or so, and I do not want to be forced to pay 150 GBP or more if it is not really owed! Sorry for the long text but I am shaking and I honestly do not know what to do, I cannot forget how they took my wallet and started taking my cards one my one!!! Please advise and I would be extremely thankful to all of you!
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