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  1. I thought i would take the time just to say thank you to everyone who responded and especially to Bankfodder! I'm not sure what you said to them but they have listened to you and my debt is being handed back to court for me to arrange a payment plan with them, also minus any Bailiff fee's due to the way myself and my family were treated by the enforcement agent. The welfare department for Marston's seemed very genuine, maybe this would be a good point of contact for anyone else having trouble with enforcement agents. Again i can't say thank you enough, yesterday i had no idea what direction to take this in and its a massive relief to have it under control.
  2. I'm so sorry i just realised i typed the email address wrong, sending to the correct one right now.
  3. Thank you so much for your time and help! I'm going to send this screenshot to the email address you gave me now. Again i cant say thank you enough.
  4. I have tried to ask Marstons to either issue me a different enforcement officer or speak to him as they agreed along with the court that i would classify as vulnerable, however they are saying that this enforcement agent is completely in control and they have no power to tell him what to do or re assign me to another agent. I have screenshots of his texts to me.
  5. Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was involved in a very serious car accident that left me requiring over a years worth of physical rehabilitation through the army, unfortunately i ended up being medically discharged in late October 2018 due to not meeting the physical requirements to remain in my career. Since then i have struggled to find work that meets my needs and i received a letter from Marstons demanding £600 for a speeding fine around the time of my accident. I was away at different rehabilitation centers for long periods of time and must have missed the letter from court, but Marstons are refusing to accept a payment plan or be understanding of my situation. I feel like i am going around in circles and don't know what to do. The magistrates courts have updated their system to classify me as vulnerable, as well as Marstons welfare/head office after i sent evidence of my medical discharge/injuries and blue badge to them, however when i spoke the enforcement agent as requested by Marstons head office he refuses to accept this fact and work with me in any way to resolve the situation, in his words that he texted to me, 'i'm just disabled, not vulnerable'... I currently moved back home with my mum and younger siblings and this enforcement agent has been very threatening towards us, saying he will take anything my family don't have receipts for and even making my 10 year old brother cry on his birthday thinking that he will be taking away his playstation, which makes me feel absolutely awful that i can't seem to resolve the issue and that nobody can help. The court seems very sympathetic and understanding and wish they could help but apparently the case is with Marston now? Is there anything i can do in this situation? i feel so stressed and lost.
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