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  1. Hi DX100UK Thanks for your reply. Monarch who are based in Salford (I think) are acting for Talk Talk.
  2. OK thanks for your advice renegadeimp. Presumably OC is Talk Talk?
  3. OK cheers thanks BF for your reply. I think I'll just ignore them. The amount is so small that that they probably won't bother. Presumably this debit won't appear on my credit file? Bachingmad
  4. Hi All I've received a letter from Monarch, a debit collection agency, stating that they are pursuing me for a debit of £12 (yes £12!!!) on behalf of an old Talk Talk mobile account I had. I haven't used the mobile number or sim for at least three years. The sim came free when I joined TT for one of their broadband, TV and phone packages about 6 years ago. I contacted Talk Talk in December by phone and they said that the monthly charge I was liable for had been introduced from July 2017. Unfortunately they had my old email address and they sent notification to that old emai
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