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  1. Thanks again. @renegadeimp mentioned making a Subject Access Request to the OC...Is that Original Claimant of the debt?....NRAM? What should we be looking for in the SAR to disprove the validity of Cabot's claim to the debt? @dx100uk you mentioned the adjustments made on the account by NRAM, including the write off. Can you advise what bearing this has on this case...Written off debt can't be collected on? It would be great to know how others have dealt with this type of situation. Thanks.
  2. The 2013 payments are on the final page (10) of the PDF. Thanks all for the help. What should we do next? Thanks.
  3. Here's the complete response CCA Cabot Response (1).pdf
  4. The black boxes I have used to cover personal details but these details are indeed on the form including what she is sure is the correct signature. The gap may be explained because we had moved without updating address with any DCA in view of the fact her condition remained the same without affordability to maintain even token payments. Unfortunately, address details were updated on her credit file after giving her bank our new address after an account freeze because of returned mail.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Yes the debt was written off, then seems to have been bought at a later date This is exactly what is written on the supplied statement of account. 2009-11-26 - WOAB - Bad Debt Write Off £24674.20 Then 2013-10-15 - ITRX - Sold Off debt bal adjust £1369.89 We don't actually know by whom that was sold off by, and how Cabot obtained the debt. They are looking to make at leasy a £23,000 profit on a debt they bought for a marginal amount. Totally disgusting behaviour. Also, the CCA request sent 14th December 2018 was the standard one from template as found at this site. It states non acknowledgement of the debt, cites the relevant sections of the CC Act, and requests CA and statement of account. As stated earlier, this was complied with within the 14 working day time frame it seems, as my partner received the response on the 2nd. Thanks for your help so far. Any next steps advice? Thanks.
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. My partner took out a Northern Rock loan at the end of 2005 for £25,000, with agreed payment of around £37400 over 120 months. As an aside it just shows how badly NR were engaged in unethical lending as she was only on £11k a year at the time. She made 39 of those payments totalling just under £12200, and additionally she made around £470 in over payments to a grand total of £12670. After being diagnosed with a long term illness, she lost her job and then found it difficult to repay the loan. She organised token payments beginning April 2009, and paid an additional £50 before the debt was written off at just under £24700 at the end of November the same year. She continued to make token payments until the end of July 2013 at which point she could no longer afford to do so, so she stopped. The debt appears to have been sold on to Cabot in October of the same year (2013) for just under £1400 according to the full transaction statement they have returned, but there is no Notice Of Assignment documentation. She started receiving letters from Cabot in June 2018, and she wrote asking for a copy of her CCA. They have complied within the time limit with a full copy (doesn't appear to be reconstituted), including full transaction statements, and they are threatening CCJ action unless payment for the outstanding balance of the loan is made under agreed terms. Like mentioned however, there was no Notice Of Assignment documentation to say how the debt was transferred to them. My partner is very stressed by all this (especially due to the nature of her illness) as she has a very limited income from part time work (being unable to work full time), and I pay the rent and all bills so my money is stretched also. By the way, no debts appear on her credit file, so we are worried that Cabot can also mess with that now. Anyway, does anyone have advice on next steps to take? My partner is looking into a (Debt Relief Order) DRO as a possible solution. Does anyone have experience with these? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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