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  1. Ok, I owe: - Intrum £5300 CCJ (original company Amigo Loans) paying £50 a month at present - Prac Financials limited £708 Default (original company Money Shop) not communicated at any point and debt is SB soon. Default date was 27/06/2013 Settled/satisfied debts are: High Court Enforcement Group £2758 CCJ (original company was England and Company) paid in full and settled My credit report via Experian shows no defaults or CCJ’s, my credit report on Equifax shows defaults for the above mentioned unpaid debts (Intrum & Prac Financial) To my knowledge I have no other debts, I have not had any letters from any other companies chasing me. Regards Veteran6224
  2. I only realised it was a CCJ when I registered with Equifax last night. I have been paying Intrum £50 a month for the last 12 months but have the money to clear it if I needed to. So it’s best that any debt showing as a default or CCJ on my file should be paid/satisfied prior to applying for a mortgage? I had another debt for £2500 that was with High Court Enforcement Group that I paid off last month and have been told I need to apply for a letter of satisfaction from the county court it was registered with. Thanks for merging the posts
  3. Great I will hold out then, I registered with Equifax last night and the Intrum debt is on there as a CCJ and has 2/3 years before it become statute barred but the £700 one becomes SB after June this year. I have mentioned previously that my partner and I (she has a great credit rating) are looking to apply for a mortgage in early 2020. Can anyone tell me the best route to be accepted for a mortgage in regards to debts and defaults etc? Do we satisfy them to show the mortgage company we’re addressing the debt? I could clear all my debts by May this year. I have a £2500 credit card with a full limit (Aqua) so was going to spend a small amount each month and pay the balance in full to boost my credit score. We have a substantial deposit and affordability is there it’s just the defaults/CVJ etc I am concerned will be an issue. Anyone with mortgage experience that can help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Veteran6224
  4. Thanks again, I will check all 3 credit reference agencies and see if the Intrum debt is on there (It was formerly Amigo Loans). If it isn’t on there what would be the best thing to do? Stop paying the debt? I will read the threads in the link you have sent, thanks for the support
  5. Hi all, i have a debt that will become statute barred in March. I have read posts and people have said that after 6 years it completely drops off your credit report. Is this the case? Can mortgage providers see a debt on Experian that has been made statute barred I am trying to get all debts cleared to have the best chance of improving my credit score in order to get a mortgage next year. The main debt is now with Intrium (formerly 1st credit) that’s for £5330 The smaller debt of £700 is with a legal company but the debt was originally with Money Shop. I haven’t requested any evidence from them relating to the debts. The £700 debt is due to be statute barred in March so I have not responded to their letter. Regards Veteran6224
  6. Hello all, I am currently in the process of servicing/settling all of my debts and over the last 3 months have paid off 5 of my 7 debts (£4800). I have one large-ish debt of £5300 and a small debts of £700. I will be looking to get a mortgage early 2020 so checked out my credit report to see if there’s any other debts/defaults I’m unaware of. However, when I access my report it states I have no negative factors and no defaults. I can’t understand why it wouldn’t show my defaults, can anyone help please? I just want an organisation to be able to tell me all of my debts so that there ends up being no hidden surprises further down the line. help is greatly appreciated
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