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  1. Moving in 2 weeks today so won’t be here much longer. So do I simply ignore them? thanks for your response
  2. Hi all i got a mortgage even with the defaults and CCj’s
  3. Hi all, I had a debt with Moneybarn for just under £7000. This went SB two months ago. I sent them the usual CCA letter and they provided it. They have now sold the debt to Arrow Global. I still dispute the debt as a vehicle I missed 2 payments (I was working overseas and the bank had blocked transactions) which were out of my control. I called to pay on my return and they said it was too late. A guy collected the car and said I would have nothing to PT as it would be sold at auction. It was sold for £4500 and they are now clearly chasing
  4. Hi guys as advised I have requested Data Subject Access Request (SAR) and received a big envelope full of paperwork today from Moneybarn. I know that it has been mentioned that Moneybarn make mistakes and that I should check if they have. Now that I have all of the info, what is it that I am looking for that could be missing? thanks in advance
  5. Pleased to say that the default has gone from my credit report due to being SB. My Experian credit score is now 978 out of 999 and excellent. Experian doesn’t show my 2 x CCJ’s. Equifax’s shows just 1. my question is this.... clearly the debt is still owed for the SB debt, the CCJ is still live until June next year. Can I make an offer of 10% to settle the debt now that it’s SB? If so is there a letter template that I can send to them to make such an offer? thanks in advance
  6. OK I will do that, just printed the SAR for both MB and intrum/1st Credit. Will post today. I had the copy of the original CCA back from Moneybarn but nothing from Intrum/1st Credit yet.
  7. Hi all, I feel I am chasing my tail with this and the 2 mortgage advisers are telling me completely different things. The first one that specialises in adverse credit applications has stated we are in a position to get a mortgage even with my 2 CCJ's. He has stated that affordability is not an issue and we have a deposit that is also suffice. The other mortgage adviser has stated that we would stand no chance of getting a mortgage unless we settled the CCJ's. I am happy to settle them if needed. Would I be able to approach Moneybarn and state th
  8. It’s shows the default to Moneybarn and the CCJ as 2 things. The default is set to fall off next month the CCJ next year
  9. Ok great, I won’t settle them then. Hopefully the default that goes SB will be removed and will help my credit report look a lot better. Will only have one default and one CCJ then totalling less than £4K
  10. Yes exactly that. I was told by the guy collecting the vehicle that it would be sold in auction and there wouldn’t be any more payments. The car was a Ford Focus and they sold it and are still trying to get £6911 from me. The car isn’t worth £6911.00! as mentioned in previous posts I am applying for a mortgage hopefully in the new year so the debt going SB next month is good as it will be removed. The CCJ will still show until mid/late next year. Mortgage adviser said the mortgage provider may look past it as it’s over 3 years old. Fingers
  11. Having just checked my credit file it shows a CCJ for this debt that was issued to the courts by Moneybarn. The CCJ is 6 years old in 2020 however the default registered is showing and becomes SB next month. Will the default come off first followed by the CCJ next year? Does this also make the CCA that I sent pointless as the debt has been registered as a CCJ? what are my next steps now should they turn up at my address, it seems I may be backed into a corner and have to start a payment plan. However, am I right in saying once the debt is SB then it can no lo
  12. Ok great, I have sent a CCA request to Moneybarn. This won’t impact the default being removed will it? A lso if they send anyone to my property to try and enforce payment can I state I have sent a CCA request and that they need to leave?
  13. Thanks guys, it seems we have some options so fingers crossed. The larger of the 2 debts is set to be SB on the 11th next month. Once this date arrives should I send a letter to Moneybarn to request it be removed? I have sent Moneybarn and 1st Credit/Intrum a CCA request today. thanks
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