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  1. Hi, It was bank transferred to me. He has told his bank that i had scammed him which is fraud i guess so my account was put under review which resulted in my account frozen. Payments like BACS and direct debits are still allowed on the account . I been reading up endlessly on forums and Facebok groups the last few days and that is why i am quite confident this is the reason my account is under review. It's only a basic account. The most i have had credited in the account is £60 and the most i've spent is £30. There is nothing that would flag money laundering that i can think of apart from this incident
  2. Hello. My account has been under review since 2/1/2019. Everything is blocked. Something has come to light as to why this is. I sold my e-cig vape collection on new years eve over Facebook, the person that bought this off me bank transferred the money which totalled £60. It was a faster payment. On the evening of 2/1/2019 this person told me that his wife had called the bank previously that day and said that he been conned. He told me that his wife made the payment from her account but at first he said it was from his account but that doesn't really matter who's account it was paid from. I had posted his item using a reputable company (Parcelforce) on the morning of 3/1/2019. I couldn't post on the 2nd as i was working . I used a tracked postage service which cost me £17.70. I have attached this receipt to this email which includes a tracking number. He wanted it posted originally on new years day which was impossible as it was a bank holiday and no post office was open. The person who i sold this too was called (edited out). It seems like he wants the goods and his money back as well. I have asked him to call his bank immediately to rectify this and he keeps giving me excuses. This is the only reason i can think as to why they have put my account under review. Has anyone been in this situation before? (This is the email i sent to pof@barcalys with photo of the receipt of the parcel)
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