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  1. The recission time frame in California is a crazy 7 days - which gives you barely any time to understand, digest the information and programme you have been given. Our legal documentation states we have a 7 day recission - so we are far outside of that now. Good call on the Credit Card company - i will speak to them to seek their advice also.
  2. Thanks for the reply - but can you let me know the basis of your answers of 'nope'? Have you experience in this area?
  3. Hello All, I am seeking some advice regarding a timeshare we stupidly bought into whilst on holiday in California in October. On the day, we were sold this amazing package, but since returning to the UK this amazing package has fallen apart - and simply isn't what was sold to us. I wont bore you with the details of why the package is different, but the package is significantly different to what we signed up to - and simply isn't what we want and doesn't work for us. We have tried to express all of our issues to the Timeshare company, even having it escalated up to Director level, but they seem to be reluctant to admit any wrongdoing and are completely unwilling to help us out. The timeshare is a points based system with our names on a title deed in California. We have paid our first two month mortgage payments on the deed, but we are now at a point that we want to walk away. We are debating what options we have and whether there is any risk to us being UK citizens, and stopping payments to a US based Timeshare/Mortgaged Deed? The major questions we have; 1) Will defaulting on a mortgage affect our finances in the UK? 2) Could a US Debt company chase us in the UK and could they force us to pay by UK law? 2) Will defaulting on a mortgage affect our ESTA/VISA allowance to visiting the US in future? When we signed up to the Timeshare, the company ONLY took our names and addresses and one credit card from us. They did not take any passport details. If we stopped the payments being taken from the Credit Card, would this affect our credit rating in the UK? Has anyone else been in this situation or have any ideas what we can do? Many Thanks for any advice!
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