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  1. I thought as much, thanks for your help though I would say probably 3 years seems reasonable, unfortunately I have other debts hanging over me so there is a bigger problem at hand. Hopefully I can source the funds before 16th, Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey thanks for your taking a look at this thread! I failed to make payments of around £300 to a company Payment Assist Limited for no credit check finance on a repair on my car. fast forward a year or so and I had received a letter at my parents house in regards to a CCJ summons (sorry dont know technical term) I read the letter a week or so later as I dont live there anymore panicked and assumed I could deal with this outside of the court so I contacted the company on the 30th of november via email and told them that I was willing to make payment within the next couple of weeks, they confirmed this was fine and I foolishly assumed this would be the end of it, I made a payment of £50 on or around the 30th of dec and I've noticed yesterday on my credit file a CCJ active from the 17th of December. I contacted the company who told me that the only way to settle it is to either make full payment by the 16th of Jan (this is a struggle for me at the moment so I will have to sell some of my assets) or continue paying monthly and have this on my credit file for 6 years which I assume is going to royally (Edit) me over if/when I want a mortgage in the future. Do I just need to bite the bullet on this one? Or do I have grounds to at least extend the time as I can pay this at the end of the month easily. Thanks for your help!
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