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  1. I don't remember there ever being the loan on there but I can't remember if I had checked my credit report back then. The CCJ was definitely on and dropped off my credit file in August 2017,I had never had any correspondence in that time
  2. Thanks for the reply. In all honesty I can't remember what happened with it I remember someone coming round from Santander at the time and saying they needed to take my car away (it was an unsecured loan so I wouldn't let them) but I was suffering depression at the time. I haven't heard from anyone since until I got this letter from Cabot
  3. Hi! I'm new here so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place. Long story short I have received a letter from Cabot advising that they are going to instruct a company called Resolvecall to call at my house and "put me back in touch with them". This is regarding a loan which was a CCJ but that dropped off 18 months ago. I have received nothing else regarding this debt I just realised there was a CCJ logged on my credit file. I was very ill and going through a difficult separation when this debt defaulted (originally Santander) and missed one payment. Despite
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