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  1. The letter was written by acting security manager and I know the receptionist saw it but whether she will speak up or not is another thing as she works during the day and knows the acting security manager and not me. The cleaner works for the cleaning company who sub contracts there and works for the client monday to friday 5am-5pm onsite. The letter was used/shown in a tribunal as he was under investigation for underperforming etc but this as i stated before was previous security managers doing. Also I heard the cleaner has been suspended as well but I am not sure the reasons why.
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to know how to proceed as I was just suspended from work tonight with pay ,the manager said the company will write to me stating the allegations and when they will schedule the hearing. So the reason I got suspended is because I am supposed to have wrote a letter in defence of our cleaner and I did so with out authorisation of the company or the client. I did not write this letter but the acting security manager did and he got removed but not suspended and got moved to another better paying site while I have been suspended with pay. I am awaiting the letter to see what exactly the allegations are ,hopefully it will be sent tomorrow. Bit of background for this ,I have been on this site for over 17 years as a security supervisor and last year we had a security manager start as the new client wanted this and he was a very bad man , he got rid of many of the old staff and tried to get rid of me to no avail,He also had a vendetta against the cleaner who cleaned the building and tried to get him fired on many occasions. Anyway we got fed up and all complained to HR and they suspended him and after a month he resigned before I presume getting sacked. Whilst this was going on the cleaner asked us to write a letter of support which the acting security manager did and now the client is using this to get rid of me saying that I wrote this letter etc The acting security manager is denying he wrote this letter , this letter was typed on pc and printed out and but not signed but it did say ,if you have any questions please contact me ,the acting security manager. What are my options ? I regret to mention I do not have any unions behind me. Thanks in advance PS I wrote about the security manager and previous problems here
  3. Things are in flux now and if he wants to change my shift ,others have to change as well and I do not think this will happen... but who knows.I will update if anything changes ,thanks.
  4. Thanks , will see how it goes and report back !
  5. yeah , we was Tuped over.
  6. The new arrangement was changing from 6 nights on and 3 days off too 5 nights on and 2 days off ,this is totally different as in change my shift to days and nights ,probably a 5 days on 2 days off and then 5 nights on and 3 days off. Edit - I can probaby get a contract from the old company if I really needed to.
  7. Hello All , I have a an issue I was hoping you can advise me on ,I work in security and have been on same site for over 15 years and we have 6 security personnel and for the last 7 years I have been working nights. I am the night Supervisor and my shift pattern was 6 nights on and 3 nights off rolling roster and my opposite did 6 days on and 3 days off rolling roster , the other guards did a 3days/3nights and the 3 off. On March 2018 the building management changed and so did the security company and we got a "security manager" as well. The new building manager wanted a small change which did not really affect me ,which was that they wanted a permanant front of house guard monday to friday and the rest they did not care about. So we changed to suit them , the day supervisor did monday to friday days ,I changed to a thursday to monday 5 night shifts so no weekends as i wanted to keep my nights. Fast forward to today and the security manager wants to change the shift patterns for me ,he wants me to go an a rolling roster of days and nights which i do not want to do. Some pertinent info is that I actually never signed the contract the new company made for us and I think if he made me change shifts I would lose my supervisor position and associated pay. Also since the new security manager came 3 of the old guards have left and only 2 of us old guards remain , he has got his own people in now. My old contract from old company ,I have actually lost it so no idea what it states to be honest. I am not in any union.what are my options here ? PS I have not disclosed this to the company but one of the reasons I work nights is my son has kidney failure and is on the transplant list and I take him to hospital often and look after during the day. Thanks in advance for advice. Regards, Sengo
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