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  1. I think it’s light also, and could push for more if I really wanted to do so. I’ve left them now and am with Octopus (who seem great so far). Ill have a think and maybe push for further compensation, but it’s the end game now, finally got them to admit to the wrongdoings.
  2. So I had sent the LBA to npower. Shortly after this my account was refunded, but the price kept on changing. Npower called myself (recorded it obviously) and admitted liability and were in the process of refunding all monies owed, and a compensation package. They then self imposed a deadline of 12th (tomorrow) to have this issue sorted. Which I thought was fair enough. They've just called, and said that I am to get a refund of £700 for overcharging, and by way of compensation a further £200. Which I'm happy with, haven’t told them this, but asked for everything to be put in w
  3. No actually, and apologies for late reply, I’ve been away for six weeks. Its sorted in the sense they they are paying me back, but they can’t seem to settle on a figure. They have a self imposed deadline of the 12th of this month to sort it out, so I’ll wait for that and see what happens then. They have admitted it was all their mistakes etc so that’s one positive.
  4. Ahhh okay. It'll have to call tomorrow now though. Going back into work and they'll be closed by the time I get out. I'll have a scan around the website also and see if I can find anything.
  5. Oh I haven't touched anything. The money still sits with npower as a credit on my account. Yeah appears the threats have stopped. Only thing I've had was a phone call acknowledging the letter of claim and that they are looking into it. Which I believe has prompted the current review of account. Guess I will just leave it for now. Not going to go ahead with the court action at moment, given they actually do seem to be doing something. Will wait until mid next week.
  6. So, thought I would log in again today to see if they have taken it away, or adjusted anything. I'm now currently in credit £3037..... Going to have to give them a call.
  7. Absolutely no idea! I know they received the LBA, so I’m wondering if they are going through the account and realised the mistake. Either way, gonna leave it for a few days and see what comes of it all.
  8. Gonna leave it a few days before enquiring. This is what it's looking like.
  9. Okay, something has happened. I’m now £1699 in credit......
  10. Sorry on phone and hit quote and can't get rid. Yeah of course. Shall do when I get home.
  11. Oh yeah. So pretty simple really. When they were overcharging we decided to pay 74 a month. Which covered what we believed we were using and a bit more just incase. Then when they rectified and changed all bills £116 was the overpayment.
  12. No not in response, just came in post. no nothing new from them.
  13. So all done, but Npower have sent a letter threatening court action if amount is not paid. What shall I do?
  14. I am writing in regards an overpayment on the account mentioned. Amount overpaid is £116. This has been caused your inaccurate readings over a period of years. ??
  15. Okay this is what is going off. Will be sent today, or first thing in the morning. Thinking to keep it short and sweet, more chance of them counterclaiming. Then going from that we shall have further discussions.
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